My First Projections

My Astral Projections
Ok, i went for a WBTB WILD just a few hours ago. I wasn’t surprised it hadn’t worked. The thing that happened was like this, i got the loud sound you all probably already know about. Then i visualized a bag and i visualized myself kicking the bag and all of a sudden everything went 3D and i fell through my bed and i was under my bed and i was scared so i quickly went around my bed and hopped back into bed.

Again, i was scared i had the blanket over my head and all o.O but it was hard to stop the loud sound it kept coming back then i would get these vibrations but it was just like they would pass over your body and stop. It wasn’t going to let SP happen so i moved my hand.

After stopping the vibes (or maybe they are just waves of heat or something) 3-4 times i stopped trying to stop them. Then the sound got really loud again and i saw those eye things (check previous posts) but it wasn’t vibrating it was just there. And i kept looking at them for about 10 seconds. I just waited there for about 30 more seconds. Then finally without trying etc right leg fell out of the bed and i didn’t try stopping it but my other parts of my body didn’t go out.

Again, i had another one where i just sunk out of bed again but i dont want to say another one again rofl.

My opinion: I can’t be 100% this is astral projection maybe its different but im just explaining it as best i can. I also took out the scary parts of this all Razz. The weird thing ive noticed is, while its actually happening with the sounds and everything its scary, but when its over it becomes a lot less scary.

I also agree with Jeff on his theory on fake OBE, i believe these are WILDs its a way of inducing WILDs but once again maybe these are WILDs and aren’t at all Astral Projections.

scary? :content:

SP can bring about panic and such, but always remember it’s a desirable state to acheive, it happens in every REM sleep, and you have ultimate control over it if you really decide to put up a fight

another intense thing that might happen is a feeling of choking. for myself, rarely however, I’ve enountered a point where breathing is taken over by medulla? but as long as you just ignore it and relax you’ll have plenty of air

when working with vibrations, you can focus on increasing amplitude and intensity and spreading them to your whole body, after that either sink, roll or float out your entire dream/energy body. you can also just use imagination or move a awareness out and see how they compare.

An interesting technique i have been experimenting with in this state (while WILD-ing) to actually step into a lucid dream as fast and as stable as possible is this; i imagine myself spinning around on the spot where i am (on my bed), i make it look as though i spin around in my own body. Then, after some time (say 30 seconds or so), i keep spinning but i imagine myself spinning/rolling out of my body. This induces the inpression in your brain that you actually OBE, but in reality you enter a (quite stable) LD. For me this technique seems to induce LD’s fast, even from being 1/2 wake. Perhaps some of you who have difficulty actually going into a LD from a WILD-ing session could try this and see what it brings you.

Pilot: SP does bring alot of panick as you’ll see in my next post. In that dream i sunk out of my body. Because when this heat wave passed my body i felt very comfortable and through my head i got out.

Xetrov: I do imagine my whole bed is spinning sometimes, just spinning and spinning its quite fun actually. I never tried thinking of myself actually spinning.

Last Night -
I was too tired to try any projection but i was in the right position for it Razz. I still didn’t though but as i went to sleep from that position i remember having SP. Im not sure whether i was dreaming about SP or if it was real o.O, it seems pretty unreal though.

Im in bed and my chest gets pressed down, and my blanket seems to be pushing down on the rest of my body. Then theres this black evil thing and it enters my room, i can’t see any detail on it what so ever, i just know its black and oval shaped, it was just less than the doors height. It got closer to me, and i panicked i tried staying still but it was too hard.

I tried to move but i was stuck there, i felt so helpless. Then all i can remember is the evil thing just stood there half a metre next to me for about 5 seconds. I broke out of SP.

From this point i had a false awakening Sad. I wake up thinking i really woke up but i was still sleeping. And my friends at my house he comes in my room and he brings 2 cups and a juice bottle. I drink the juice he gives me and ask for more, and more, and more i just never get satisfied, though it did taste nice Smile. He is telling me about a problem he has with his phone and im telling him i just had SP hehe.

The Technique
How i thought of it?
What i noticed when i AP or have any unusual experiences is this happens:
The inner sound becomes loud, then soft, loud then soft. Like a police siren sort of. And when my mind drifts of you dont notice the sound anymore. Then all of a sudden the inner sound becomes loud, it makes you conscious.

  • This is the technique:
  1. Go to bed in any position you wish.
  2. Listen to the inner sound, concentrate on making is medium-loud.
  3. Once you make it like that for 2-3 seconds lower it back down to its normal level.
  4. Wait 20 seconds.
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 several times.
  6. Now when you feel your mind drift off you’ll suddenly regain consciousness by the inner sound, it gets a medium-loud.
  7. After doing 6 several times you’ll feel a sensation pass your body. You will feel unusually heavy. You will then slide out of your body, roll out, visualize moving out etc.

This is exactly like the sleep paralysis induced AP but in this technique you are woken up by the loud sound so you dont have to lay down like a statue for 30 mins. :razz:

Its hard to lower-increase the volume of the sound. Sometimes it happens unintentionally, sometimes no matter how much i try it never changes.

When you hear the sound alternating in volume, just keep making it alternate and somethings bound to happen…

  1. Listen to the inner sound, concentrate on making is medium-loud.

how can you hear that sound? when does it happen?

When your silent and your surroundings quiet, look for a sound. If you can hear the inner sound try playing with it see how you go. If your not good with the sound or dont hear the sound at all i don’t recommend the technique, as it takes a long time to get good with it.

The sound differs for all and is not the same when it comes to intensity.
in light trance/wild i dont even have that anymore, because iam to much used to those stages.

The first stage of the trance u enter, that is inbetween waking and sleeping, you dont feel your body anymore and ppl then often think there out of there body. but your not! Its still an induction level to dream stage and deeper sleep stages. But for most, these experience are so new and fresh they cant place it well because they have nothing to relate it to.
you dont feel your body then because neurological your brain is unplugging your input that is coming from the body so at rem sleep u can dream safe and also dont wake up so easely. but even here are exceptions, some ppl still feel some body parts etc.