My first proper WILD experience - a few questions.

So last night, for the first time I found out that there is more to WILD than tingling feeling in your body :grin:

I was ridiculously tired after a long day of school, gym and homework, and went to bed pretty late. I figured since I was so tired, I’ll try to WILD before initial sleep. I started doing the 61 point relaxation technique, but lost concentration somewhere half way through and dosed off. Here’s a weird thing - I’m pretty sure I didn’t fall asleep, as in, I didn’t completely black out, but the closest I can describe my state was as if I suddenly lost track of time and 15 minutes past within a second :eh: Then suddenly my consciousness jolts back in, and, despite barely observing any HI ever before in any of my attempts, my mind gets bombarded by hazy scenes, buildings, silhouettes, appearing to be swirling around. Suddenly, I feel as if something grabbed my foot and started pulling me up, and my whole body with it. It was an experience I never felt before, it felt pretty cool. BUT… this is when my roommate decided to be really loud, and I heard him slam the door and snapped out of my state :sad:

Sorry for the long post, here are my questions:

  1. What happened when I appeared to have lost track of time but didn’t really fall asleep? Is that common? Also, the leg being pulled upwards, is that common?
  2. Why didn’t I get into SP? As soon as I heard the door slam, I was back to normal and could get up straight away.
  3. When I see the images pop up in my head whilst feeling like I’m being pulled up, should I focus more on the feeling or on the images?
  4. Last, but not least, if your WILD attempt gets abrupted this way, is it possible to try again and get to the same stage? Or if you fail mid-way you can’t get back into it? I was pretty frustrated so I just fell asleep normally after.

Again, sorry for the wall of text.

yeah man. that was it.

  1. simple answer is you fell asleep but when you started to dream (or have HI), your logical brain didn’t fully turn off (as it normally does / NDs).
    2)only natural for your body to fully awaken after hearing a possible threat close by. SP after awakening isn’t common, unless you are going for it ie: deild
    3)this isn’t easily answered… best info I can give you is trial and error… next time try with all your might and if that don’t work out for you ( didn’t for me ), try being passive (this works for me). the errors/fails only strengthened my immunity to fear in SP
    4)you would have to start from scratch normally. remember, you are probably fully awake now and alil peeved.

good lessons learned tho, wouldn’t u say?

Sounds like you drifted off, then woke up still with the intent to WILD. So you pretty much woke up in the middle of the hallucinations stage. This is how I’ve gotten most of my WILDs. Personally, I focus on the images and get sucked into them.

After being knocked out of this state, if you stayed perfectly still, it’d probably take less time to reach that state than if you were starting from scratch. Depends on how awake your body and mind are. My mind’s been mostly awake and my body mostly asleep one morning and I went through the hallucinations and vibrations 3 or 4 times in a row, being kicked back each time, in the space of somewhere around an hour.

No idea on the leg thing, I’ve never had that.


  1. Happens when you drift off while trying to WILD, you wake up because you remember that you were trying to WILD. Try to stay focus or clear your mind.
  2. To get into SP you have switch your focus from external stimuli to internal ones.
  3. While doing WILD you should only being focused on one thing to avoid any loss of concsiousness.
    4)Well, you should roll over and try again ,or sleep.

And for your leg, i think that’s just an illusion.