My first SP Voices - How to stay calm?

Okay, this morning I decided to lay down at about 8:55 AM. I wasn’t planning on doing any type of lucid dream or anything like that, but I had a dream about teaching these two kids how to use my rifle out at my dads house. Then suddenly, I got pulled outta the dream and I was trying to get back in it for some reason. Then, suddenly I heard the voice of my mom say, “What are you guys doing today?”
Then suddenly a bunch of voices just started talking to each other, and then right next to me a deep demonic type voice kept saying “WAKE UP NOW, WAKE UP NOW!” And yeah, then after awhile I woke up at 9:07 seemed way longer. But anyways, I’m still freaking out ( Its 9:32 ) How the heck do I stay calm? Please help, Thanks


This morning, the same exact thing happened but instead I heard, “Is it sleeping” in a whispering voice. Then suddenly I heard my own voice say “Shut the **** up, I am trying to sleep!” As if I said it, but I was in SP So I couldn’t move and wasn’t expecting it… Has that ever happened to you?

Wow! That’s extreme…
I’ve never personally had such startling SP experiences-- but i recently read about one that included sensations-- scary, almost nightmare like experiences!

How scary, you must be very put off!

But… if you recognize it as SP, then keep it in mind that you are not in any actual danger, and remind yourself it’s not real-- that should keep you calm… They can’t damage you at all, so you should be fine :3

It it happens again, and that doesn’t work, check back! I’m sure lots of people would have fine advice over this-- so many people have frightening experiences with SP, afterall.