My first 'tries'....

I’ve been trying to LD for about a week…It’s not that I’m expecting much of my dreams with my experience but i want ask you a few questions…
I have been trying with different methods…but haven’t sticked with one yet…

1-How often do people have LDs???
2-From the day i’ve been trying to LD, i can remember only a “mini-dream”(for example i’m at school and a girl tells me she likes me, and that’s it, is that long enough for a dream???)…so my dreams are very very normal…and i cannot realize i’m in a dream!(do you understand what i’m saying?)

For now those are my doubts…if i have any other question ill ask ^^!!

PS: Sorry for my english(i’m argentinian)
PS2:Very nice forum

First off, you’r english is fine :content:

Umm for 1:
It depends how much motivation you have, and how much you really want them. I’ve been trying pretty hard (as in just thinking about it alot) for 15 days, and i’ve had dreams every night and one lucid one. And the lucid one lasted about 20 minutes.

Anything you remember helps. It is a dream, and it probably lasted longer, you just don’t remember.
Majoirty of my dreams I cannot realize I’m dreaming, but sometimes I will have a dream that a DC will say something about dreaming, or the situation is just way to crazy to be real.
Try doing as much RC’s as you can, that helps you think “Is this is a dream?” while in a dream.

Hope this helps :wave:

Yes, thanks a lot…i will try even harder to get a LD…
Thanks again

:welcome: Nachician!

It depends on the person. On a good lucid spell, I can have up to two LDs in one night for several days in a row :cool: But I usually have only one every now and then, like once every two weeks or so.

Yes. Well, if you can’t find a reason to RC in your dreams, then you should consider another technique for inducing LDs, like autosuggestion or WILD ^^

Your English is fine, and yes :smile: we do love this forum too.

I usually begin to dream about completely normal things when trying to LD, just as you do now. But my last LD was that I just dreamt of doing an RL, and then I suddenly was lucid! So the enviroment in the dream doesnt always count, Ive even had dreams were RL didn`t work, and the dreamsign was completely obvious.