My first try at being lucid... almost got it

ok did it last night with some sucess.

I started hte night listening to very soothing music and did some self meditatoin/hypnososis to relax my self. I set my alarmfor 5:15. I then listened to that two hour radio show about lucid dreaming by the head of the lucid institutute, then played the soothing music on repeat and went ot sleep. 515 came and i woke up, walked around and litened to 20 or so minutes of hte radio broadcast again, and went to sleep. i count down from 10 and saw the numbers in my mind. After each number i woud vizulize lucid. Soon after i was sleeping. My intentions were to fly that night.I clearly remember jumping out of my bed and flying and saying to myself “I can fly!” I would land shortly after and then remember i could fly and did it again. BUT i forgot to tell myself I was dreaming. I sort of knew i was and tried to affect things but i didnt totally know it and i dont think i was able to effect my dream anymore than letting myself fly. Also I only flew around my room, i think. After that I believe i was talking to my good friend about lucid dreaming. I was really close. Tonight I am going ot tell my self to fly and also tell my selfthat when im flying i am dreaming.

What else should I try? I had read in the past about lucid dreaming but never tried, so i think this is a pretty good start. I have my laptop next to my bed so is there anything else i should download? The soothing music was only a minute long so something longer would be good.
Thanks, LOVE this website!

Looks like you were really close, I were that close too, I’m still trying to get my first LD, but come on it’s coming :smile:
Maybe try more RC’s, when you wake up especially. Good luck on your quest for lucidity :cool_laugh:

btw: I will have a lucid dream tonight (i hope this will make me have one) :tongue:

Yeah i do need to do more RCs. I try to look at my hands and ask myself if im dreaming.

anyone have links to good music to listen to while LDing?

Ugg. Had everything set to do it last night but i had a really bad stomache ache when i woke up at 4 and just couldnt do it. well theres always tonight!

Damnit. I was even closer lsat night. Woke up around 3 (to piss) and turned on some rainfall ambient music. Went back to sleep 5-10 later and thought whatever was happening in my dream was strange, then realied im dreaming then realized im lucid, then thought maybe it wasnt a dream and started waking up, tried rubbing my hands together but it was too late… try again tomorrow :smile:

It sounds like you were more than close. It sounds like you had a lucid dream. It did not last long but, was lucid none the less. Next time as soon as you “realize you are dreaming” do something to stabilize the dream. I recommend jumping in the air and flying. That is what I did in my first lucid dreams and found it to be very helpful in stabilizing things. It’s fun too. Even to this day flying is one of my favorite things to do in a lucid dream. However, if flying is not your thing any of the prolonging techniques will work. I also find that changing something in the dream helps ass well or using any of your lucid dreaming powers ( like flying ) helps to retain lucidity.

Good luck.

If you check our “Lucidity Centerstage” forum you will find a few threads about lucidity and dream related music.

Good luck, it seems like you are making some real progress. :smile:

Thanks everyone! I was on vacation for a few weeks while first trying this, just got home where I think ill be able to do this a lot better so ill be giving it a go tonighT!

Damnit. I was close. I dreamt that i looked over at my clock, saw it was 5am and was happy with myself for waking up and new it was a perfect time to go lucid, so i thought to myself i need to go lucid, went back to sleep in my dream and got nothing. Woke up a few minutes later and it was really 1030. hehe

Try to get into a habit of doing a RC every time you wake up. It might help with those annoying FA.

Happy dreaming

i hope im not stealing this post but if nick u could quickly tell me wat radio station has a show on lucid dreaming