My First two Lucid Dreams

In the first one, I’m sitting in a car, my mom is driving and we are on a highway. I then look around and somehow begin to notice I’m dreaming. All of a sudden, upon thinking of colors, the sky begins to change colors just as I had thought it. I then hopped out of the car and flew up above it. I looked around and to the left I saw the city, and to the right I saw a HUGE ocean. I flew over to the ocean and looked at the teeny tiny car that I was in before. I remember this dream, and it happened like over a year ago!!!

The second dream, which was like 2 days ago, was wierd. I was walking in the school hall way and I remember looking at a door. There was nothing wrong with the door, but all of a sudden I said to myself, “Am I Dreaming?” and right when I said that, The whole scene went dark and I heard three beeps in my ears. Then I remember thinking of getting scared and saying I cant go lucid. Then all of a sudden I woke up. Wierd huh?

Congrats on the LDs, Seraphim! How long did the first one last? With the second one, it sounds like a reverse of when people are trying to WILD. Maybe you just needed to relax rather than getting scared.


i remember the first one lasted a while. This LD happened like a year or two ago.

as for the second one, what do u mean by the reverse of WILD? I know what WILD is, but how would u do the reverse of that?

Do you mean the reverse of WILD as in MILD? I am pretty good with the MILD technique. I don’t see why you get scared when you become lucid.

i dont know why either, but the second I knew I was dreaming, this great sense of fear came over me, and told me NOT to go lucid. I don’t know why I wouldn’t want to become lucid, because all the time before, I had done nothing but try to go lucid.

i had another LD a couple nights ago, which started with me questioning whether or not I was dreaming, then I woke up (as usual)