My first WILD

I had my first WILD experience last night! WBTB just does not work for me -.- I never got back to sleep. However, last night while falling asleep I remember it felt like I landed in the dream. Then, the dream slowly revealed itself. The best way for me to describe it would be as if it were an old film reel melting while the movie is playing. But, in reverse order. I almost lost lucidity when it was finally a full dream but I reminded myself I was dreaming. I was so amazed at how vivid and life-like it was that it only lasted a few seconds. This was amazing! :smile:

Best description ever! Not all WILD’s are like that (for me at least), but that’s exactly how it seems when you experience the visual part of the dream forming. :grin:

And congrats on your WILD!

Thank you. I’m going to do it again tonight :smile: