My friend died in my dream. =[

In my dream last night, I was going into a basement, which I suppose was supposed to be in my house, but I was really afraid to go inside. Severely afraid. The whole basement seemed to be this huge place. Basically a basement 5 times larger than normal with hallways and hauntings. Well all of these people I know that were inside dropped dead because of two strange and what I perceived to be evil beings. With them was Sabrina the Teenage Witch. She was the first to be brought back to life. Then I think with her help and the beings’ help, the rest were brought back, except for my good friend, Steve. I was very upset, and I was screaming at these beings to bring him back, going to all these different locations trying to get him back. Going to extreme lengths to get my friend back. I don’t think I prevailed.

Any idea why I would dream something like this?

Oops, sorry, when I saw the thread name I really thought someone had in fact died…

Maybe you were sad, stressed, frightened by something in real life, but dreams are random anyway.

well, it’s probably a random dream, but if you saw your friend in stress or hard situations lately, maybe your mind projected those in your dream as your friend’s death. i think it’s ok as long as Steve’s alive and well in RL, eh?

My thought is that it could be due to the stage you are at in your life. At 15 you are coming to a time when you will go separate ways to your friend … different colleges, different careers etc
So it could be the knowledge of this coming into your dream and representing it as his death? A fear of the friendship getting weaker.