My friend just told me something enteresting.

We were talking about dreams, and he told me he read a book that said if you dream something bad, or have a nightmare, that your WL will be good, because youve made that sacrafice in your dreams. The same goes if you have a good dream… that something bad will hapen in your waking life. I think he said he it was in the book “Doors of perception” We were allso talking about how phycis are just people who are active with there dreams. So LDing may build phycic powers :content:

Thats really interesting… I think Lucid dreaming is a good thing to work at, and yah, I beleive lucid dreaming, and just dreaming in general can teach you lessons as well.

Guess its far more complex than that.If it was right then people who get nightmares everyday would be happiest people out there.They are quite opposite.
But im also sure that dreams carry the valuable information for us,but i dont think we have got knowledge to decipher them well yet.

I think that dreams have the potential to hold valuable information (utilising the power of the subconscious) but i don’t think they necessarily do.

I haven’t had a nightmare for years and years but my life is ok- nothing nightmarish happens in RL.
I tend to apply the idea to people and their childhoods though. It may be like what doesn’t kill you (or your ability to cope with life) only makes you stronger. That is why you see so many successful and happy people with disturbed childhoods.

Really? Cos I had like three nightmares last night…

Right now, I’m feeling tired and there’s nothing to watch on tv. I had taped the new Simpson’s episode, but for some reason it didn’t work.

Urgh… so far, it’s not working :wink:.

I haven`T had a nightmare I remember in a year !

And I never was happier than now … :thumbs:

I think its too early to know whether or not dreams mean anything. They could be spritual or religous or whatever…or they could simply just be a collage of images and scenarios given to us for relaxation and a release-gather process of thoughts. Why else do you wake up in the morning (mostly every morning) with a happy, fresh new feeling even though you might have had a bad day the day before?

You wake up feeling happy and refreshed? I wake up feeling like I’ve just been repeatidly trampled on by a psychopath on speed.

“doors of perception” ? check my sig :smile:
i hope your friend is right haha i’ve been having lots of nightmares :tongue:

Lol ! :lol:

For me it changes .
Sometimes good , sometimes bad (especially when it s school and early … :wink: )

Heheh…i wondered how to describe my morning mood and Sureal did it for me just perfect:)
I need at least 1 hour ,sometimes longer to get so so.I need to wait till afternoon to start feeling normally.When evening comes i finally feel what id call good.

Wow, last night I dreamt that I went to purgatory, and was waiting to go to heaven. It was weird.

Because (i think) when we dream the subconcious emerges because the concious no longer “blocks” the subconcious of emerging and the repressed wishes that we had are forgot through dreams apparently and that’s we forget them easily(not wanting them)and we had a fresh new day 'cuz the bad feelings have been vanished(apparently).

lol i didnt mean waking up with a smile and everybody is happy happy joy joy. I meant like if you had a fight with a friend the day before…the next day you sometimes feel differently about it and usually arn’t as pissed off.

I’m almost finished with the doors of perception and I can’t seem to find anything about dreams, only Aldous Huxley trippin’ on peyote