My frustration...

I have no idea why i post this here, but i’m doing it anyway.

Next january, i’ve been trying to become lucid for over a year, and i have had extremly little success with it, i’ve had like, 3 very shorth LD’s in that time, i’ve wasted hundreds of hours of night sleep with trying to LD, but i just…couldn’t…do…it!!

So, last night, i tried to meditate.
And then the solution came to me, i swear, i heard “ta-daa” when i figured it out.

All my life, i have never been anyone special, i have never been “the first” with any trends, i have never had “cool stuff”, and i have never been first to do anything.
(puberty was hell).

So the solution is: other people can have LD’s, and i can’t, and that fuck’s up my motivation for some reason.

everyone talks about how amazing LD’ing is, and how happy they are about it.

And when i think about me tring to do LD, all this comes back to me.

Thats all i wanted to tell you guys, i don’t know why i said it, and i don’t care, i’ll probably never meet you guys anyway, in real life…


Man I know how you feel… but anyone can have them it just depends how much effort you’re willing to put into having them… i’m sure once you get there it becomes easier, as with anything in life. “Practice makes perfect” is sooooo true, and that goes the same for LDing. There’s always going to be someone better than you, but the right attitude is your key to happyness overall in life because we don’t always get want we want!

“(puberty was hell)” - I think you may still be going through it if you’re 15 years old hehehe…

Dude, or dudette, i won’t give you the details, but showering after P.E was, well, not so very funny…

Sounds like you need more confidenece, try to not put too much effort in it, relax. I think you should share your experience with others (good friends?), talk about dreaming etc. I also don’t think you’ve wasted many hours, you’re more closer LD’ing every second you think about it.

I’ve also only had 3 LD’s, but I talk with my friends about dreams, I get more motivation.
I am a loser guy too, I’m still the last in everything, including P.E., but, that doesn’t mean we/me/you can’t LD. Just give a damn about how “better other is” and go figure that you’re just a bit slower, like in your puberty.
I may be young to say this, but try to build some friendship and confidence. Don’t fall off in the end of the bridge :wink:

I was 16 when my voice began dropping, hahahaha.

Relax, man, take a break from LDing for a few weeks, until you feel like coming back. There is no sense doing something you don’t want to do, so really, just quit for a little while and do something else. Buy me an Xbox 360, perhaps? :razz:

im going through that to…ibe been trying since august and ive only had 1 lucid dream but for the past 2 weeks or so i ve been having vivid dreams everynight so im not gunna give up…

and im not the best at anything either.

I think you might be trying too hard, like it’s been said, just try to relax and maybe don’t want it so hard. With lucid dreaming you can want it so bad that it actually works against you. Tell yourself you’ll be able to do it soon, but you don’t know exactly when, don’t try to force it and just keep practicing.

u cant just go and have lucid dreams every night of the week

When u first started out with math like in grade 1, it was hard and u didnt really understand, it took u a while to get it and then ur brain needed to rest, when u use ur 90% part of brain to lucid dream, the strong part that causes dreams and allows u to astro project and more, it needs to rest. If ur having really short lucid dreams that means ur brain is fried. take a break. theres some kinda stress in ur life and u have to calm urself and get rid of it

i belive that what ur saying is very effect you LD’s
its true, ur negetive foughts (even when ur wrote this massage)
is telling to ur uncounscious mine that what is going to happen

dont act like that
everybody can succeed exactly in the same rate

what u need to do is always think as winner and not as a loser
dont even write such as things… every little pease of negetive info can get your chances to succeed just lower

try to do Hypnosis and tell your self that every night you have LD’s that you are allways aware in you dreams, etc.


With that view you’re unlikely to have LDs! Try and see it from this view: How many of your class mates have had any LDs? Even better; how many LDs did YOU have before you took it up?

Comparing yourself to the Internet is a really bad idea. I mean, I like to tell myself I draw well, and that might be true, but if I log onto the internet and see thr really insane and beautiful things people have drawn, I realise I’m really a small shrimp. :content:

The thing to do, is to only compare you to yourself. Are YOU better than YOU were last week? Have YOU learned anything new? When you see other people’s results, think “How can I learn from them?” This way, you’ll always feel a sense of improvement.

Remember too: don’t force yourself to do LDs. They should be a secondary activity, always, not something you have to be good at.

One of my classmate is a natural LD’er, and even my mom can cotrol her dreams.

Kinda funny though, she thinks that i’m not normal for not being able to control my dreams, she thinks that LD is “standard” dreaming.

it’s the fact that everyone gets to do something i would kill to do for free, that gets to me:p
not fun…

Really great thought, thanks huggkruka.

yup, im lucky my school is too small to have showering after PE. My voice still cracks a bit and every day that i don’t have long, flowing hair and a goatee i die a little inside :cry: i talk a big game though :tongue: