My Goal and quest for Lucidity.

Ok, heres the sory of me when I was about seven.

I was readin comics, and was pretty tired. Then suddenly, to my graet chock, my whole room turned pink(!!!) in a neon sort of way. I look around, on the walls, in my bed and I thought:
“This is weird”:???:

I started to stroll around and I saw the door. It was pitch black outside my room and I just felt that if I would cross that door; something awfull would happen.

I soon found out that I could controll my environment, and I made people I knew come through the door.

It all eventually ended when I heard a radio and woke up.

As you understand, I had a very lucid dream, or had i?

  1. I Didn’t know I was dreaming but
  2. I controlled my environment to certain levels.
  3. I felt that I controlled the dream and not revers, but whats the differens if you think youre in charge?

It’s called FLD - False Lucid Dream. Dreamer is not aware of being in dream, but controls his dream. So basically you do stuff you would be doing in LD, but you are not knowing that you are dreaming. There is also no lucidicy, so you are not conscious.

Lucid dream is dream when you are knowing you are dreaming.

and you were not. :neutral:

It does not fulfill the requirement, to know that you are dreaming. That does not mean you were not conscious. You were obviously conscious enough to realise something was different. You could control your environment, that could be a normal dream still.
You said you felt you controlled the dream? But you didn’t know you were dreaming?

I felt that my room was under my controll… I don’t know.
I have very good imagination, so I guess I just embraced the fact that things went as I wanted.