My head went dizzy while twirling in LD

I have heard that if you twirl in LD to maintain your lucidity, your head doesnt go dizzy. And usually it has been so. Only tonight when i had meta LD my head went dizzy while twirling, and i needed to make RC to be sure i’m really dreaming. Your thoughts?

No two dreams are the same. Just because people say you won’t get dizzy, doesn’t mean it’ll be like that in every dream and for everyone.

It’s just like the, ‘you can’t turn lights on in LD’s’, cos some people can in some dreams. Infact, it’s like that for all RC’s. Sometimes they work, whilst in other dreams, they don’t.

I agree with Sureal. Dreams are highly influenced by our thoughts, expectations and the mental associations we make with waking life. It’s like feeling pain in LDs: if you expect to feel pain, you’ll feel it. If you expect nothing, you probably won’t feel very much.
It’s really all in your head :smile: