My Heaven Dream...

I had this dream that i died and went to heaven(dont really remember dying) it was pretty cool, it wasn’t like cloulds and stuff more normal. Anyways it turned out that we had to all seperate for some reason, even god. And then we had like a compotion to see who would stay or something and i didnt win but then i asked god(who looked like dumbledoor from the harry potter movies) when we’d leave and he said in 1.5 weeks. Then i got to go back to earth, but my friends didnt know i was dead, and i got to do some things with them(pretty long, i wont waste your time) then we were in a car and i asked my friend what he thought heaven was like and he said “i dunno” so i said i’d give him a quarter and he said ok " well there are gates" and then he kinda faded out and i saw in my minds eye small green glowing gates that were opening and then at the end of the gates to green flames apperd (the tear drop flames that you see at the top of candles or matches) and then i woke up

whew… ok what do you think it means?

oh, i hope youre not going to die… :eek:

…but as a dream, it sounds wery interesting and beautiful… :wiske:

ya it was pretty cool… I dont really think im gonna die, like that other guy with the post “I think I’m going to die” and i dont really think it has a meaning but im interested in other ppls ideas

OMG!!! :wow: I had ANOTHER heaven dream!!! very diffrent tho… now im a little scared

Use it as dream sign to become lucid!
Tell yourself the whole day something like:
“the next time I’m in heaven, I will realize that I am dreaming.”

Maybe it will work for you :smile:

I have dreamed that I died but that was it… I stayed around like a camera looking on then the dream ended. I am posting just to add some humorous memories of the Simpsons…
Remember when there was a gas leak and the people would have their version of heaven pop into their heads? Disco Stu was in the Discoteque (I think John Wayne or someone was there too, but it was hell for him haha) and there were more but I just wanted to add this, because I got such a kick outa that episode.