My location in LDs is always the same. Why?

When I have a regular dream, most often I’m somewhere I am familiar with, or in a place that doesn’t look anything like the place I know I am (I know I’m in my house, but nothing is like it is in RL). Also, the DCs in my dream are usually people I am familiar with, very rarely there is a stranger.

However, when I have a LD, I’m always in the same, or quite similar place. It’s a large outdoor area, always with rocky hills and some type of river and ocean. There are always tons of people around, sometimes in shelters, sometimes just milling around or talking to each other. And they are all strangers! My mom and (dead) grandmother were in one very short one, but I had set out to look for her.

Is this odd?

Do you become lucid in this same location every time you have LD, or do you happen to be in this location AFTER you become lucid?

If the first one is correct, then it’s your dream sign that makes you aware that you are dreaming, because your brain gets used to relate it with dream situation.

If the second one, then probably it’s bit odd, yes :smile:

My goal after I started to have LDs was to find my dead grandma (who I figured would be alive in dream world). So, everytime I realize I’m dreaming I start looking for her, and I end up there.

Yes, it’s odd. I just know the case of a guy who is so often in the same imaginary city that he can draw the plans of the districts, the bus lines, etc.

It might be caused by habbit. You went looking for grandmother, ended up in that place. Next time it happened again (perhaps your subconsicous mind created the same kind of dream because you had the same intend - look for grandmother). After a few times it’s kind of hard to get rid of this dreamscene because now it has beocme a habbit for your subconscious mind to create this place once you are lucid. I’d suggest if you want to go somewhere else, walk into a building or so and create a door inside which leads to a new place (you have to really convince yourself that this will work else it will fail).

The majority of my LD’s start in my house (usually my bedroom).

I got bored of just being around my house, so I now go exploring :smile:. Jump out the window, into a neighbours house (which is usually more interessted in itself).

I also find that going out their backdoor takes me to an even more interessting place (eg. my LD ‘A Place Unlike Home’ in my DJ).