My lucid dreams are becoming more frequent

Hi everyone!

I finally have some more results in LDing. I’ve had 2 LDs past night :cool:. I think it’s because I was using a method from this article: [I am a Lucid Dreamer: Commanding the Subconscious Mind)

I said to myself “I am a lucid dreamer! I have lucid dreams every night!”. I think that sentences in present tense are really working.

I was trying WBTB that night, but I wanted to wake up at 5 a.m. and I woke up an hour and a half after falling asleep, so it didn’t work like it should. I must use autosuggestion to wake up because I don’t sleep alone.

I will say something about the dream, if you want to know it.
I became lucid in my room. My awareness was low. I decided to go sight-seeing. I was walking aroung the town. After some time I wanted to get back home. I got a keyboard and a screen and typed in a Minecraft-style command “/tp home”. My eyes got closed and I appeared in my bed.
I thought that I woke up, but it was a FA (VERY realistic one). I’ve lost lucidity for some time. Suddenly I noticed that something is wrong and started second LD. I got up and looked around. I’ve seen my body lying in my bed and wanted to talk to it. I wasn’t able to wake him (me?) up. After a while I closed my eyes. It wasn’t a good idea because I woke up then. I think that it can be called an OBE. :obe:

I would have more results if I do WBTB correctly.

Goodbye! :wave:

nice, but keep in mind that lucidity is always tricky :wink: