My lucid dreams are weak sauce. Need help please!

Hi I’m new here.

So i’m working my way to full on astral projection but my lucid dreams are so weak and bland! I think i have only done an LD around 10 or so times. The first few I figured out how to fly and since ive been able to fly ive been trying to go to other planets and visit ET or anything. So far ive had failures.

Last night i was in my house when i took over and took off straight from earth and fly into outer space and all the other planets looked like earth so I lost interest. I went back home and basically flew in circles around my house and everything outside of my house was white and plain nothingness.

Do i just need more practice or do I need to work on my chakra or something? It seems so bland and vivid that there is barely any color and very hard to remember. I want to flew into space and look at the galaxy all around me and fly to other planets but it just seems like my mind is locked down.

Any ideas? Thank you in advance.

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I can recognise the “weakly rendered” surroundings. In fact, it took me several years before my dreams were solid enough to render objects significantly bigger than myself, such as dragons. It takes practice, but the most spectacular lucid dreams have always come as surprises for me. They come when I have slept badly, after especially boring days, or when I need to get up early!

It might help to train your awareness also in the waking state. I like to sometimes stop and look around me, as if this was the start of a lucid dream, and just take in the view and the impressions from all my senses. This is also a good way to stabilise a lucid dream.

Also, have you tried teleporting or changing the scene? Try to imagine, for example, a door behind you. When you open the door, it will be a portal to a different world. I draw a glowing circle in the air and jump through it. This works far better for me than travelling in a continuous way such as flying there, because after a few moments of travelling in a straight line, the dream usually fades for me.

Good luck, and sweet dreams!

Haha interesting.

Thank you for the advice siiw. I will keep practicing and trying different methods.