My lucid dreams mainly the same.

Hi I’m new here. I’ve been trying to find other people who’ve had similar dreams like I have. While I’ve seen quite a few interesting dreams on here mine are almost the same. Basically I’m walking around in a familiar place usually a room or in most cases my apartment. What makes it interesting for me anyway is the intensity of the dream. It feels very real - for example I can walk around look out windows and see everything just as if I were awake. In fact it feels so real I sometimes think I’m awake. In my last dream I was even to feel objects! Like I pulled open a drawer and I felt the knob. I even an out of body experience in one of my dreams. I looked and actually SAW my body laying on the bed. I swear I’m not making it up. Anyhow my dreams usually tend to end with me having intense feelings of fear and having a bad headache when I wake up. Does anyone else have these problems when waking up?

[color=olive]Off topic: I applaud your ability to have consistent dreams as vivid as reality like that.

On topic: My roommate usually wakes up with a headache,but usually can’t remember his dreams and the only time I’ve had a headache after waking up was when I got really angry in an LD.

If your problem is mainly this headache when you wake up, I have some questions.

Do you always have this headache when waking up from any dreams?
Or does it only occurs when you have some LD?

In the first case I don’t have any answers for you.

But in the second one, I think you have several choices:
1 Try to stop having LD (if you were trying to have some, then just stop) or try to wake up as soon as you realize you re in a LD.
2 Try to controll them. Maybe this headache does come from this fear, then you should try to ask “your guide” why do you have this fear. If you find the reason you ll probably be able to overcome it.

I have no other answers as I don’t have that kind of feeling in my LD…

Tell us if you find some answers yourself

Are they actually lucid dreams and not just very vivid dreams? A lucid dream is one when you are really aware you are dreaming while in the dream. When you are lucid you will KNOW that nothing can harm you.

Hey sorry I didn’t see your replies earlier I haven’t been able to get on for awhile.

Well most of my dreams (the ones that I call lucid anyway) follow a formula - I think I’m awake but I know somehow that I’m not (isn’t that a kind of lucidity?) I start walking around in a familiar place seeing very detailed scenes and objects but sometimes things are out of place, I suddenly seem to have waves of intense fear that seem to come out of nowhere - In the dream itself I’m just walking no people or anything so there’s nothing in particular I’m afraid of, I then have a struggle trying to wake up where it seems I want to wake up but can’t. Several times I will think I actually have woken up only to realize I’m dreaming. After waking up for real I have an intense headache and feel scared so I get up for awhile and watch tv or get on the computer - in the middle of the nite! lol. I then dread going back to sleep. But I wonder if I could have some physical condition? I’m not sure if I should talk to a doctor psychologist lol. And btw in regards to the other poster the headeache only happens after an LD dream not after a normal one.

Seeing a few things out of place is common in LD. You mention getting scared at this point so maybe you aren’t comfortable with the unknown? Maybe being in a familiar setting and then realizing you are not unsettles you, so when you wake up you don’t want to go back to sleep? I’m just guessing here. But you might want to look at the interpretation, you can use dream dictionary now or a dream book, maybe that will help.