My lucidity quest is over


Seriously, I’ve dreamed every night but I never remember them. My dream diary has been stolen and I can’t get a good nights sleep.

The past week I only got about 4 hours of sleep a day. I started school and I’ve been swamped with home work since I have honors classes. The thing is I am already done with high school and I only need to be taking electives, but I chose to apply my self this year.

Well, I haven’t been able to dream or anything. I did WILD every night and got to SP but I always fell right asleep once entering it. I end up getting to bed at 12:30 and waking up at 4:00 for my wild and then having to get up at 5:45 for school. So I scratched the WILD attempts even though they looked promising.

Well, this weekend is my LAST attempt at lucid dreaming. If I can get a LUCID dream in this long weekend then I won’t quit. But for some reason I’m having trouble recalling dreams ever since my DD was stolen. What should I do?

What would you do?

it’s so frusturating.

School was closed for Thursday and Friday because of this silly Hurricane and I have Monday off so I got a 5 day weekend coming up. I’ll be posting here periodically.

In the mean time I’m going to a party to celebrate the cancellation of school for two days and pray that we don’t lose power for two weeks.

I’ll be back every day until Monday night unless we get swept away in Francis.

:no: Don’t quit.

Get a new one. :smile:

That can certainly effect your dream recall and lucid dreaming.

So can alcohol and drugs so, if you do either try not to close to bed time.

You are setting yourself up for failure. You just have to stay dedicated to seriously practicing and no matter what don’t give up.

Good luck

man, take a break and come back to it later. Thats what I did, and I’ve had 4 LD’s since. But if it’s stressing you that bad take a brake. It’ll happen! Good luck!

shortage of sleep is your problem. If your getting 4 hours, you are only entering the first stage of REM which is 5 minutes i believe. So you will not remember anything. You need to find a better way to get to bed earlier. And…just curious…who would steal a dream journal?


Tonight I’m depriving my self of sleep, I’m going to bed at 8:00AMish and I’m just going to sleep until my heart’s content.

Just relax :smile:

Do not let your quest for dreaming world disturb your real life. If you are busy NOW, then admit it. Enjoy your short sleep time without worrying how much you remember your dreams. You still have weekends. Hopefully, you have enought time in weekends to sleep enough. This is the time where you try to get some dream recall and if lucky, then even few LD-s.

I suppose that you kept your diary for noticing dream signs? If so, i hope you do remember some signs that happen often in your dreams. Write them down in the beginning of new diary, and start over.

Or if you think you should give it up, then plan to give it now for only this period of your life. When your life gets less busy, don’t forget to re-discover the world of LD-s. They are always there for you :wink:

Garlic, you can give up actively trying to lucid dream, but the passive motion to lucid dream will never end!!! (In other words you can stop, but just don’t forget about lucid dreaming, how about right before you go to bed think, “hey I DO have dreams, I might remember them tonight, and I might even have a lucid dream tonight!” and then just go to bed. Just these two thoughts will increase your chances. Don’t think lucid dreaming comes just because you do a technique, a tech is only supposed to increase your chances. If you can’t do any techs, just the knowledge you have gained about lucid dreaming will increase your chances of having one and also remembering your dreams. I know. I’ve stopped the techs and I’ve still noticed a few heightened levels of dream recall and lucidity. Not much though. If you’ve ever got time, maybe you could try a short MILD before bed now and then.

How can a dream diary get stolen? I would panic if somebody stole mine. And I think it would seriously affect my recall, too. It might be hard to get dreams out of the subconscious when they might not be private… :sad:

You might get a LD when you relax and stop trying so hard. It has happened before.

that’s horrible, do you know who stole your DD, how did it happen?

Did you leave it out in the open at school, did a family member take it?

You can keep one online by just making a thread called “dream diary by your name” and posting it in the dream diaries forum.

Sorry for my abscence, I was getting hammered by Hurricane Frances.

I have no idea who, how, or why my DD would get stolen. It baffles me.

I keep my DD on the table at the head of my bed right where my alarm clock is. I came home one day and my pen is there but the DD is missing. I asked my parents and they are saying they have no idea I even had it. Which is a blatant lie because I let my mom read it two weeks before it went missing.

As for my quest to go lucid… I haven’t really been trying with the whole Hurricane and all, my mind has been not really focused on dreaming. I slept over a friends house two days of the past 4 and had amazing dream recall even with out my DD while I was at his house. For some reason I recall tons of more dreams and they are more vivid and fun when they are not in my bed… it’s weird.

first things first: find that fucker that stole your dd and KILL HIM. i mean cold blooded murder. and make sure u kill him slowly. very slowly.

if u cant find the bitch, then make a mental picture of him for later, and NEVER forget it. the reason is lower down in the post.

as far as ld’s go, DONT STOP. i had my second just last night(interesting coincidence…), and if i stopped trying now, id go crazy. but seeing as how u havent got any ld’s yet, u need another type of motivation.

that motivation is as follows: when u get your first ld, kill that fucker that stole ur dd in ur ld, preferably in a painful manner, including a battery of rockets.

oh, and dont forget to get a new dd. if u bothered with making one before, then u should get one now too.

last but not least, fix it so u get more than 4 hours sleep a night…

Garlic, I have news for you: The moment you tell yourself you’re going to give up LDing and you can’t do it, you WILL stop having LDs. Everything you say to yourself, your sub conscious registers it. I believe Steven LaBerge said the same in one of the first chapters in EWLD.

And just out of curiousity: How on earth can a Dream Diary get stolen? Did your brother or sister steal it?

I don’t know wtf happened to my DD

My dream recall has sucked horfriblyh these past weeks and I’m in a pissy mood. Maybe tonight i will try to WI*LDD I just can’t get ANYTHING going.

I seriously want to ld but I just can’t seem to get one.

(sorry bout the grammer of this post, i’m on a lapgtop and it’s weird)AA

GRRRR, I posted a LONG post in this topic but it turns out that it didn’t go through so I have to post it again.


Last night I had a dream filled night and I totally remember why I began to LD in the first place. After a successful WILD attempt and two dreams in a hour and 45 minute period I’m totally happy.

I feel SO SO SO stupid for what I did when I hit SP. I felt my heart rate rising when I hit SP but I just kept telling my self to calm down… it didn’t work. So I went from repeating “calm down” to “stay asleep stay asleep” when I should of been repeating “i’m dreaming.”

I entered a dream… it wasn’t a WILD but a WIND, or a Wake Induced Normal Dream which I just dubbed.

I was sleeping repeating to my self stay asleep and I heard two girls laughing with my eyes closed. I wrote this off as the sounds I usually hear when I hit SP and paid no attention to it at all. I heard the sound a coin makes when it is dropped on a desk as if someone is flipping it, I paid no attention to this and kept telling my self to stay asleep.

Next thing I know my friend Sean is nudging me saying, “Matt get up, we need to get to second hour.” I open my eyes and I’m in my first hour class and Sean is looking down at me. Well, there were two girls in front of me flipping a coin and laughing every time it hit the desk… it was so odd yet I didn’t tell my self I was dreaming yet it was so obvious.

I ended up going to second hour with my friend Sean and Brandon who aren’t even in my second hour class.

it was weird to say the least and I’m happy and pissed at the same time.

I just have to make a mental note, I’ll bold it here for future reference, but this note is for me.

When you go into sleep paralysis repeat to your self that you are dreaming you dumbass!

Heh, sorry about that, it’s for me for later.

YAY! I almost got into a WILD then. I repeated to myself I was dreaming in SP but got scared and woke up.

Garlic, I think you may have been trying to force things too much. Lucid dreams have a nasty habit of eluding you if you try too hard(believe me). My advice would be to keep doing what you are doing but try to adopt a state of relaxed expectation and don’t try to rush things. Anyone can do this and it WILL happen if you relax a little. The amount of sleep you are getting is also a big issue. Lucid dreams rarely happen in the first four hours of sleep, you need to sleep for at least 8 hours to really have a good chance, and if you really want to up your chances you should try the sleep/wake/back to bed method. If attempting to have lucid dreams is keeping you awake at night you really need to take a break and just concentrate on getting more sleep and remembering your dreams for a while. You may even find that this will even induce some lucid dreams without you even having to try.
But remember, the best way to have no lucid dreams is to decide you can’t do it. So really, don’t go down that road. Just take a more laid back approach and keep lucid dreaming in your mind when you go to sleep at night. Tell yourself you will have a lucid dream each night (really believe it) then go to sleep and sleep as long as you can. You might suprise yourself.
Good luck!