My mini-LD's

I’d just like to tell you a way that i can get lucid very easily, however, the LD often only is about a minute or two.

This is what I do, i go to bed at night and sleep 8 hours (now at summer holiday i go to bed like 00:00-01:00 and wake up 8:00-9:00.) Then after around three hours (around ~12:00) I get tired for some reason (not sleepy, just want-to-lie-in-bed-tired), then i go to bed and lie down at my stomach and with my arms either over my head under the pillow or by my side, then I just start to drift in small dreams, I dont even need to do RC’s…

I do this everyday when I don’t go out with friends or something before ~12 :razz: I only do it for like 40 minutes (not sure, but it has never been for more then one hour) so I don’t waste so much time sleeping, and within that minutes I’ve had like 4-5 miniLDs.

Other notes;

  • These LD’s are far away as good as the one’s I’ve had when im sleeping at night.
  • I never ever sleep on my stomach normaly, it’s just when i do this
  • The dreams usually ends by slipping away or because i open my eyes IRL
  • I don’t day-dream to drifting into dream… I just lie there and suddenly i appear in a dream.

This isn’t a guide or anything, I just wanted to tell you but if you want to try it then do it :razz:

Is it a form of WBTB method ?

These naps are well documented as very effective way of inducing LD’s for some people. BTW, the “drifting in small dreams” is what is called by the more technical term “hypnagogic imagery”.