my mom claims to have constant low level lucidity

I just told my mom about lucid dreaming. She said that she allways knew when she was dreaming. She doesn’t seem to have very great control, mostly changing some things or waking up from unpleasant dreams, or not waking up when dream is pleasant and about to end.
She said she learnt that very young because as a child she had lots of nightmares and somehow wanted to learn how to wake up, and since then somehow allways knew (vaguely IMO) that she was dreaming.
Is this possible and is this lucid dreaming?


yes, this is possible, and my mom says she does the same thing :smile: This is probably low level lucidity, and it’s common with people who have a lot of nightmares and recurring dreams. If she takes the conscious decision of increasing lucidity next time it happens, I think she will get a high level lucid dream. :smile:

That’s possible. It was a thread about something related in the “Lucidity Theory” section:Development of Beliefs: Controllability of Dreams

Here is an excerpt:

I noticed that women often keep naturally a sort of control on their dreams. I don’t know if they are lucid (it would be a kind of low-ludicity level indeed) or not.

Your mum’s a natural :wink:.

That’s awsome! You could prolly ask her for advice and share experiences with her! :content:
I agree with Dark Sider she prolly can if she really wants too!

Yes… mom’s can LD too.

I talked some more to my mother about LD. I got her pretty interested, so much that she’d like to learn more. She doesn’t have internet, so does anyone know about any good books about LD?

SouljahdeShiva, there is (at least) a thread about this:
Best LD book
There you can make your choice. And if you order the book you choose from the LD4all store then it’s even better for LD4all. :wink:

my mother also says that she has dreams like that but she always wants to wake from them.
Why would anyone want to wake from a lucid dream for? unless it’s a nightmare?

I suppose she has conscious nightmares. That’s quite common when you don’t know anything about LD’ing, when you don’t know what happens and your lucidity is rather low. She should learn to fully realize it’s a dream and understand that she can modify its content, so she wouldn’t have to wake from her dreams.

My father told me the same thing, only he used to have re-occuring WWII dreams. He told me he learned how to wake himself up. After I told him he could change things in his dreams to any way he liked he sort of gave me a :eh: look, haha