My new method!

Hello, I have recently discovered a new method to induce LD’s.
I discovered it while listening to bwgen last night. I kept falling alseep and waking u again, and I bean to get frustrated, I really wanted to have an LD and I felt so close but I just kept nodding off. As I lay there, I remembered Xetrov’s ‘wild variation’ technique, I tried it, but I could not get any results. But the whole spinning idea got me thinking, and so I played around with my perception, trying to feel different from my body. And from there my technique was born.

Btw, I was using Bwgen at the time and so was already in a trance like state, therefore I cannot swear by the first part of my technique (which is a way to fall into a trance), although I have been playing around with this for a while.

Firstly you try to imagine your head is extremely heavy, like it is full of lead. Imagine your head pushing into the pillow with it’s weight. hold this feeling. Now start to feel the blood pumping through you frontal lobe (this is the area of the brainmost affected in a trance), keep imagining this until you can actually feel your heartbeat there. Continue to feel this as you begin the second part of the technique. (only begin after you are in a relaxed trance like state)

Now, become aware of your breathing. breath in for 3 seconds, hold for 1 second, and breath out for 3.

As you breath out, Imagine you are sinking through the bed to whatever is below. Begin now to breath in, and as you do this, imagine you lift up into the air above your bed. Along with this, begin to look at the back of your eyelids, as you breath in, and go up, imagine the black of your eyelids moving toward you (as if you are moving toward it with the upward motion). And as you breath out, and move down, imagine it falling away.

After trying this technique, my whole body went numb and my head started to spin. Unfortunatly I became exciting and my heart was racing and I became very awake once more.

I will continue to try this technique, and will post any improvements. Be sure to try it also.


Philthemn nice idea, I wonder how it would go if you would do your tech and in the end, when as you say, your body is numb and you’re spinning, you try to actually step / roll out of your body. I guess you didnt succeed in the tech i described because you werent into trance deep enough yet, but at the end of your tech you seem to be in some pretty good trance. Well just an idea. By the way i did try similar techniques too but to me actally stepping / rolling out seemed to be the most effective way to propel me into a LD all at once, since “floating” away as you describe it doesnt drastically change the situation you are in. To me floating feels like lying on bed so I can go back to either feeling too easily, which makes the LD kind of unstable. However if you really step out and walk around with your dream body, there’es less chance you loose the dream soon.

May I ask what BWGEN preset you were using? Thanks.

Sounds like something I did when I was a kid I would imagine myself bouncing up and down on a trampoline and I would feel it in real life.

OOO this sounds cool, i will try it tonight!

this sorta sounds like a method that would induce an obe rather than a LD but it might work for both

This is similar to Robert Bruces method to induce the OOBEs, where you imagine yourself in different physical locations and imagine your falling/floating. I guess this has proved successful for quite an amount of people. Good technique though i’ll try it :smile:

the bwgen preset was one of my own. It’s very effective if you want to use it.

you can download it here: … hmentid=25

Btw, if you do download it, you may think im crazy when you see the binaural beats i hav used (like 172Hz) but I’m not, they are monaural beats and the audible pitch is what i was using.

Thanks phil ill give your preset a shot tonight.

Phil your right i do think your crazy :smile: why are you using 172hz o.O

It creates what I call a ‘triangular binaural beat’
its a little technique i created.

You have ur ordinary binaural beat of 5Hz for example, which depending on your audible pitch could be say, 97.5 & 102.5Hz in the left and right ears respectively. So if i created a beat of 92.5Hz in the right ear and 0Hz in the left then you would hav 2 binaural beats with no overlap of pitch, I did this several times to enhance the effect.

So on the surface it looks like a beat of 92Hz (or 172Hz in that preset’s case) but it isnt really.

Its rather clever isnt it? :cool:

dfslkfsd, did you try my preset? if so, what results did you get?

Sounds interesting… I’m willing to give WILD a try now. Want instant results! :wink:

Hmm… Sounds interesting, I will have to give it a try. Also I agree with whoever said it sounds like OOBE but then again I believe OOBE is a dream.

ive done the visualizing thing before, imagining you are spinning and then actually feeling it. i never really thought i could be applied in this way though. sounds very interesting, definately gonna try it when i go to sleep.