My new stability technique,and unrelated hypothesis.

lately, i’ve been getting closer and closer to full on lucidity. I had a dream last night, that I was lucid, and i remember doing things but don’t remember what they were. but thats irrelevant. Anyway, I was shouting and screaming “I want a high-level Lucid dream” Which now that I think of it was what I was saying in my head as I was falling asleep ^.^. Anyway, none of it worked, but then I just said (after about 5 minutes of trying), “can I please have a high-level lucid dream” sort of desperately. Then, suddenly, the whole feeling changed from my original (which those of you who read my first topic know of my sort of instability) to a very light, stable feeling. I was like “thank you” very cheerfully. I forget what happened afterward.

My point being, next time, ask nicely. The whole time I was yelling and screaming at myself, but then I ask myself nicely and it worked. ^.^

Also, I’d like to propose a hypothesis.
I learned that when I feel safe at sleep, when normally I feel not relaxed and always one ear open, I felt safe last night and then I had an ld. And everytime I feel safe, I have an ld. COuld this be why. Normally I’m paranoid about my sleep. But when I’m not, it seems to increase my chances to nearly 90%! Please get back to me on that.

well, what i would think is that the more paranoide you are, the moer aware yo uwill try and be, but i find thats way off. Yes, i have also experienced that when i am more calm and feel secure and safe, i tend to ge tLDs much easier. This is JSUT like hyptnotism… They make you feel so safe that you givve into commands. Taht all your fears are broken lose os you havce nothing to keep you away from yourself. So i see this as you are calm, and then as you fall asleep you remain calm (not so calm that you will take in ppls orders) but take in your own thaughts (having a LD)into action… i hope yo uget waht im saying :content: CONGRATES!

What do you mean by “safe”? What could cause you to feel uneasy or worried about going to sleep? Or do you just mean comfortable, relaxed and pleasant? Certainly sounds like a worth-while idea, can you be a little more descriptive? :smile:

Asking nicely may work I guess. There are some nice alternatives though :happy:
I don’t really group lucid dreaming in terms of “levels”
I just try to increase my awareness as much as possible.
It’s not like suddenly attaining a higher state of consciousness…
it’s just becoming more aware and having an increased amount of control.
Here are some great ways I do it.
Number one way probably goes to washing your face with cold water.
This one really works like a charm. If you haven’t tried it yet, do it now :happy:
Once I attain lucidity, I try not to ignore the fact that I’m in a dream state and just continue with crazy activities. Throughout the dream, I continually try to discover more about my present reality. For instance, I’d visualize myself sleeping on my bed. I’d predict the time in real life. Thinking about the last thing I ate in reality also helps.
This differentiates reality from the dream environment.
Doing so, at least for me, greatly increases awareness.
If you want to gain control over your dreams, try to make sure you are aware of reality as well… it really makes a difference.

oh nice comment pap! im defenetly going to try and use those thaught techniques to become more aware of my dream! predict the time in real life… i like that

When I know I have to get up at a certain time it makes me more tense and worried about how much sleep I’ll get. I can’t relax so well. But if there’s no work the next day my mind is clearer and I’m more likely to have an LD :smile:

Hey, thanks, you may have just saved me from losing lucidity so easily!

I usually see myself losing lucidity, and then shout as loud as I can, ‘Increase luidity now’ cos I heard from a lot of people that that works…It did once, but now it just makes everything go faster…I have been shouting it louder recently, as I know what I’ll be missing out on if I wake up!

Also, I’ve been having a lot less LD recently, I’ve been really obsessive about sleep though, and am dying to have an LD every night, so maybe the stress is causing that, thanks for the tip

Another thing I thought of doing, was playing with my lip ring. The hand rubbing an spinning method are supposed to work because you can feel in your dream and therefore you cant wake up and feel in RL too. I haven’t had an LD yet to try this in, but I do it almost constantly in RL, so it should be simple to do in my dream, plus then I can completely continue doing whatever it was I was doing before the dream started to fade. Biting your lip should work too…If anyone does this tell me!

Right. I am (being me) going to try and rip your idea apart (cos I’m mean and stuff :cool:).

Perhaps the dream was going to get more lucid anyway, and your mind played out that shouting scene to give it mroe sense?

Actually, re reading my post, we’d need a shouting scene to make my explantion make sense…

Erm, maybe it was just a placebo effect :bored:?

All dream control methods are based on placebo effect. :smile:

How does washing your face w/ cold water work? Please explain. Thanx. :eek: