my new website copy and paste into browser or no work

It doesn’t work!

i wish it hadn’t for me. No offence but like the award for worst layout in history goes to…

Actually clicked one of the links and got those anoying java popup boxes, so i turned them off too lazy to read it all :tongue:

does not work… I am asked to save the binary .exe: “karl_and_connor_r_cool_1” too disk…

It works only in Internet Explorer; my Mozilla doesn’t read it.
I’m sorry, but I have to agree with Insane_goth…

Websist doesn’t work for me either, but there are alot of pop-ups.

there are no spaces between the last words they are underscores _ _ _ _

THanks it works now!

yes theyre slowly eating your brain

I get a “Hotlinking Error”

my friggin god, karl, you are such a dumb-dumb.
i had to save the file to disk and open it with internet explorer.
Origami boulder site good for a small laugh.

your website took me a while to get it to work, but it’s good.