My next LD goal...

I want to try to have a peak expirance, but I dont know how to go about it. Im sure I could expirance one in a LD. Ive only expiranced a peak expirance once in my life, and it was a great moment that i would like to relive. Any ideas?

Stephen LaBerge has said that to have a peak experience, it’s best to do something like ask a question or ‘surrender’ yourself to something higher.
I read one dream account in EWLD where someone (I think it may have been Keelin) asked, “May I please know the meaning of the Universe?”, which was followed by a peak experience.
You could also say surrender yourself to the Wisest part of You, God, or any other Guru or deity you wish.
Of course, sometimes an experience like this just happens spontaniously as well :cool_laugh:

I hope these ideas help :smile:

Thanks, I cant wait to do this. Its going to take some practice, Im still having a little trouble with waking up to soon, but Im getting better.

How could I have one in real life?

Actually, what I meant was spontaniously in a dream. Sometimes dreamers become lucid and then have some sort of experience like this, seemingly from just becoming lucid.

Hm, yes… I just googled for the definition of peak experience, I had that when I induced my first Lucid Dream, it rules… :smile:

“Psychologist Abraham H. Maslow’s term for, “a spurt in which the powers of the person come together in a particularly efficient and intensely enjoyable way, and in which he is more integrated and less split, more open for experience . . . more ego-transcending, more independent of his lower needs.””