My own sister trying to murder me?

I just wanted to share something that happened the night I had my first and only (so far) lucid dream- three actually. I had the three lucid dreams and I may share those later, but I also had three short dreams in between the lucid ones and, surprisingly enough, these interest me more- they were all in the same setting and seem to follow a kind of storyline. I put this in dream journal at first, but I figured I would post it in Beyond Dreaming because it was a very strange experience. In the first one after my first lucid dream, which was a wonderful but short experience, I found myself lying in my bed with the lights off. A woman was kneeling next to me, someone I didn’t know. She was trying to warn me of something, I could tell from her expression, but I didn’t know what. She also mentioned that I should sleep in until 10am, for some reason. Then I had another dream where I became lucid, and then another “normal” dream. Here I was in my bedroom again, but the lights were on. I had a viewpoint from slightly above my sleeping self, and I could see the whole room. Standing next to me on the right was my younger sister, and standing on the left was a boy about the same age who I immediately identified as my brother, even though I have none. They were both holding bloody spikes, and were discussing how they would kill me- which is really strange since I love my sister a lot. I was actually not scared and kind of viewed the situation from afar, in a detached way. I wasn’t lucid, though. Then I had a final lucid dream, my longest and most interesting, and after that I was in my bed, in the same position as the first dream, but with the lights on again. My father was standing above me- which was odd since he was sleeping somewhere else that day- and he reassured me that he had seen the whole thing, to not worry, and that it was all right. Also, he told me, as in the first dream, to sleep in until 10am specifically. Then that faded, I had a dream in which I was with my family in a train that crashed in a cave and we got stuck, and woke up. I really don’t know what to make of this and I have a lot of questions- why 10am? Why some random lady I didn’t know? Why my own sister trying to kill me, and a fake brother? Also, does the second dream count as an OOBE? I wasn’t aware that I was dreaming, but I was above my sleeping self in my bedroom, and it looked very vivid.

Before I say anything else, just a piece of advice: next time please add some paragraph breaks :content: It really makes it easier to read than a block of text.

Now, answers! Or at least some ideas:

  • Why 10 AM? Well, I guess it really depends on your stance to what dreams actually are. Some people believe there may be links between dreams and a spiritual realm and/or the collective consciousness, so you could, in fact, actually be receiving some kind of advice. Who knows?

I, personally, am more partial to the collective consciousness theory, so in a way your dream characters could be guides. Maybe you’d do something wrong if you woke up earlier? Maybe you just needed more rest?

In any case, what usually happens is that your subconscious may have grabbed a random piece of information and made it important. Maybe someone said “10” at some time in the previous day(s) and you heard it, or you saw it on TV? Who knows. By the way, did you wake up at 10?

  • Now, the same could go for the random lady. She COULD be something else or something from your head.

Women, especially elder women, are cultural archetypes of wisdom and knowledge, so it isn’t uncommon to have this kind of advice coming from a figure such as her in a dream. I had several similar situations in my dreams before, though in my case they were clearly defined as “witches” or “oracles” or such.

  • The fake brother is easy: as you delve more into dreaming, you will see that our dreams like to add details that have little to do with real life, and often they do so by adding new friends and/or relatives, so there’s probably not much to it.

If you’d like to think of this as something to be analyzed, you could also see the brother and sister as “people who are close to you”, and possibly your uneasiness around them and/or fear that they might betray you in some way.

I don’t like to consider dreams omens, as this just tends to get in the way, but if you want to do so, it could be showing that something that could go wrong (your possible murder, in the dream) has been averted by an external force or influence (your father).

  • About the OOBE, I would say no. At least if you consider the idea that an OOBE is not a dream per se, that is. So what you possibly had was a OOBE-like dream.

I have had several dreams in the past that included shifting points of view/cameras, and I often relate these to watching movies or playing video games. It happens.

Welcome to the forum, and good luck :content:

Thanks for some explanation! It really helped clear things up. Time for paragraph breaks…

I forgot to mention this, but the 10 AM thing was weird because it was a school night and I had to wake up at 6:45. I actually remember, in the dream, thinking to myself, “No, I can’t do that, I have school, I have to wake up!” So no, I didn’t sleep until 10- and I really didn’t need more rest either, because I went to sleep at 10 pm.

Actually, now I think about it it may have been because of that- the clock was one of the last things I saw before I slept, and it was displaying a 10.

Another thing I didn’t mention because I thought it was unimportant, the woman was Martha Jones from Doctor Who- I don’t really watch the show, but my sister does so I pick up some odd details from it. Maybe my subconscious thinks that my sister’s watching of Doctor Who will lead to something bad happening to me? I really don’t know.

Wow, just writing down more details of the dreams are actually leading me to conclusions about what they mean. I should do this more often!

That possibly explains it =D

I know of Doctor Who but still haven’t watched, so I really don’t know Martha Jones… in any case it’s possible you just picked her up randomly and your SC made the connections.

And yes, please do! Keeping a dream journal is not only fun, but it really helps you increase your recall, your LDs and it can be used as a self-knowledge tool. A lot of people share their DJs here in LD4All, but it is up to you if you want to share or not. My advice is to keep a DJ and always write as much detail as you can about every dream you have.