My personal odyssey for lucidity

First off: The purpose of me writing this is to share my experiences with other who are trying to attain lucidity in their dreams.

I first started reading about this topic when i happened on it by chance on the internet. It is obviously an interesting topic so i began reading more and more and decided to try it.

Reality checks, dream logs, I was doing all of them. With little success, for a period of about a month I achieved lucidity twice (the same night) but as soon as i realized i was lucid I woke up.

I was frustrated like a lot of people probably are when they first begin. I decided to give it a rest for some time. After about 2 weeks i started reading up on things again and the WILD technique caught my eye.

I decided to try that. My first few tries were met with complete failure. I fell completely asleep every night and had normal dreams.

I kept trying and eventually began to take small steps closer and closer each night. I would feel my limbs go numb one night. Then the next i could see HI.

Every step closer made me want it more. And last night, I achieved success.

I went through the ritual. Lie down, relax, and then wait and stay focused. I prefer to count my breaths and say something in my head so stay awake. You may have your own preference.

After getting to more than 120 on my counting, images started flashing through my head, culminating with a large round room. It was bleached white, kind of a glow everywhere, very spartan. There were 4-6 people around the outside of the room in an arc and in the center was a vehicle of some sort. It looked like a jet ski/space ship. I walked straight to the vehicle and sat down in it. Immediately after this the wall in front of me opened, like a gateway. Then the vehicle took off.

I started speeding through an infinite white abyss. That was fun for a while, but then i looked down at the vehicle and i saw a keyboard and a screen. I typed in a place i wanted to go, the ocean. And i was immediately at the ocean and cruising along. I typed in a few other random locations and i finally woke up.

A very odd first lucid dream. I think somehow that vehicle and that room is my portal to lucidity. (next step is to find out who the heck was standing around in there)

In conclusion: Dont give up on your quest for lucidity! I think every night you try you get closer and closer. And try and get your own personal technique. I looked through alot of advice from people and picked and chose which ones i thought would work for me, and eventually they did.

Good luck to all, and to all a good (lucid) night.


:cheer: congratulations Shakaka, it’s always great when members post the background to the first lucid dream too :smile:

Nice. I remember how happy I was the first time I realized I was dreaming.

Yeah my first lucid dream left me in good mood for the rest of the morning. grins wistfully