My personal WILD problems

I seem to be a little bit of an akward case when it comes to WILD, so lets see if I can get my thoughts lined up into text…

One issue I have is that I don’t get HI, I can lose all the feeling in most of my body with enough concentration (or lack of) and I do personally believe I have entered SP while “awake” if just for a moment, but I have never experienced anything even close to what others call HI, just lots of black, quiet, and my thoughts.

Also, contrary to a good number of the guides I have seen, counting and visualizing hold no benefit to me and seem to impede my progress, while narrating entire paragraphs of borderline self hynosis in my mind seem to grant me the greatest success.

Not to mention I have four lovebirds my aunt so graciously dumped on me that have a habbit of screaming all morning and biting my toes through the covers (they squeeze through the cage), NOT conducive to early morning WILD.

Anyone out there in the same boat as me, except for maybe biting birds, and have some advice?

You do get HI pretty easy actually, but you need to know what you’re looking for. Lying in your bed relaxing, HI could be a blue and red coloured string floating by. Simply focus on any sort of colour or symbol and it will turn into something after a while. My personal advice would be to forget about WILD and try MILD instead.

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