My power (What I can do when lucid dreaming)

A lot of people don’t have much knowledge of lucid dreaming, I myself have been lucid dreaming since I was just 5 (I am now 15) - I have them quite frequently and now know how to control them, - at first I couldnt do much, The most I could do was make small objects appear in my hand, I then learned how to Channel these powers into bigger and more impressive things like changing the surroundings, creating disasters, going in and out of dreams or Flying anywhere at any speed, - but many people say that anyone can do this, well you can’t, not without proper ‘training’ anyway - Just try it and you’ll see how hard it is to do something amazing like level a building just by looking at it, you’ll see that it is harder than you thought, - I myself have acomplished various powerfull tasks, feel free to tell me what you have done, below is an example:

Once I was on a beach full of annoying adults who were watching an airshow, I decided to frighten them all by creating a HUGE tidal wave (tsunamis) the size of a large skyscraper (in height), I put my arms by my side then raised them in a dramatic fashion, suddenly the ground started to rumble vilolently, all the people on the beach started panicking, one man got up and shouted TIDAL WAVE - he was right, the sea started to draw back into a massive wall bigger than you can imagine, the ground was quaking so hard people were falling over, I then flew up and behind the wave and Threw my hand forward, the WAVE MOVED FORWARDS and headed towards the land, people were running in all directions screaming, the wave towered over the people and then crashed into the land with an almight Rumble Sweeping all the people and cars away!!! :cool_laugh:

As you can see, I have a lot of power, but it was very hard to get that far, if you wish to become this sucsessfull, just start off small and work your way up!

geez, and i thought i was full of myself

LMAO! Be nice oNeiRoMAnCEr.

I’ve noticed that I can do things best in a LD if I don’t think too much about them. For example, I was once fighting an enormous giant by throwing huge rocks at him using psychokinetic powers. If I thought about how I was doing that, then I probably failed. The same thing with flying: if I think too much about it, I almost never succeed in flying.
By the way, there are people here on this forum who could do much much more than what you did.

So thats how you do it!

Lding here i come! :cheesy:

I caused the Apocalypse once or twice, leading to the extinction of humanity on the first occasion and the complete annihilation of the universe on the second (I wasn’t really trying the first time, you see). Does that count?

Look, you don’t need ‘training’, you just need to believe what you’re doing is possible, or, better yet, not even question what you’re doing. Creating a massive tidal wave is no different than creating an apple, except that you’ll get a bit wet if you’re not careful (apples can be quite juicy, so stand well back).

To be honest, if the best thing you can think of to do when lucid dreaming is to kill untold numbers of people, then you are missing out. Many people have been lucid dreaming since they were very young, but quite a few forget or lose the ability, only to stumble across a website or book a lot later in life. Count yourself lucky that you didn’t lose that ability, and so don’t have to spend ages trying to regain it.

By the sound of things, the ‘knowledge’ that you have gained can be compared with somebody learning how to turn on a TV but not bothering to find out how to change channels.

Whoa, no need to be rude or anything, I was merely giving an example - and yes I can do more than that too, I was Just explaining that people can’t do what they like straight away in their first lucid dream, usually if you try something big you wake up (first timers)

Oh and I’m not full of myself, I can actually do it, and I’m proud of being able to do so, just because I say it here on this forum doesnt mean I’m a boaster or bragger so stop with the insults please! :sad:

You would have came off a lot less pompous and full of yourself without these lines:

Not to be insulting but most introductory posts don’t try to downplay the accomplishes of everyone. As for not many people having knowledge of lucid dreaming, what would compel you to write that in a forum devoted to lucid dreaming? Do you drink draino as one of your impressive dream feats?

What you are saying sure dosent help them… All you achieve by saying this is putting an blockage into their subconscious… And what you are saying is not true at all, as long as you believe you can, then you can.

i don’t doubt that you can do the things you say you can, but you are quite full of yourself. just by the way that you talk about it. look at the title of this thread “My Power”, someone is having delusions of grandeur

if you want people to be nice to you, don’t put them down. tomas is right, you’re not helping people, you’re hurting them by putting these negative ideas in their subconscious. statements like this aren’t positive or even helpful:
“but many people say that anyone can do this, well you can’t, not without proper ‘training’ anyway”

the reason so many people say “anyone can do this” is to take away these mental blockages that prevent people from attaining lucidity. to make it seem less foreign, and more real.

i can summarize your post in one sentence “look at me, i’m so great” i’m not gonna say i’m a long time veteran of this forum, but i’ve been here long enough to know that if people want help, they’ll ask.


lol this is the funniest thread i’ve read in a long time

as for people not being able to do what you can, that’s just downright stupid. anyone can do anything in their dreams, they just need to learn how.

my first impressions were (at the same time):


Yeah thanks for the cool bit though… just… don’t…

bah forget it no more flaming please

I flew into a giant beanbag once. Top that. :cool_laugh:

First of it doesn’t matter what you can do. It’s how you do it. Second who cares who’s better than who. It’s all about having fun.

Oh yeah and last of all, Whats worse a person that brags or people that puts other people down?

good point.
but can you top the bean bag thing?

Can’t understand why someone posted this topic.

Do you really think we are all newbies and theres noone else who can do that and you came here to teach us :eh:

And btw. I don’t know why your so proud of it. In LD you just have to KNOW and believe that you can eg. fly or control DCs, many can do that with no worries.

PS. Sorry for being rude, just got littlebit annoyed since 80% of the people already know this stuff but I don’t blame you since youre new on these forums.

Well, When I said training I didn’t mean working out in a gym or something, I meant you have to learn how to control your actions , And I don’t think I’m better than most…I’m just explaining what it takes, And I’m sorry to say this but it needs more the belief to do something (it aint the matrix ya know) - you need to learn HOW, Yes in my dreams I belived I could fly but I couldnt no matter how hard I tried! (When i started lucid dreaming) - I then learned to take it slow, one bit at a time, and guess what? - I’m having a heck of a time… :smile:

Ok, first off I’ll just say “tone down the bragging a bit lads!” Unreal-Lucidity, if you look at other posts about LDs then you will see the type of format people use to write dreams… More like:

I had a great dream the other night!.. etc

This way ppl don’t think you are trying to show off about stuff, merely share cool dremas with people. And yes, I agree, causing a huge tidal wave is pretty cool (although I didn’t like the killing people bit :sad: )

No offence here… but as someone else said, coming onto a forum about LDing and saying it takes a lot of practice was fairly dumb if you ask me. I am sure there are people here who have LD powers beyond your wildest imaginations.

As for this…

I have to disagree. In the Matrix doesn’t Neo hit the floor the first time he tries to fly?? (incidentally this is one of the first things I’m going to try when I LD, the whole skyscrapery thingy) Doesn’t it take him loads of Kung Fu training before he is ready to fight the agents? In the beginning he does not totally believe what has happened to him, but after a while he comes to accept that anything is possible.

IMHO, this is just like LD (ok, IMVHO) I am guessing I will feel exactly the same, I won’t believe that I have total power to start with but after a bit of practice and training with small things first I should see that I can do ANYTHING!

Yes, I totally agree that taking things slowly is the best way.

There is some interesting informationin your post which I am grateful for… but I think it is the way in which you conveyed this that people are flaming about.



we know :smile:

Whew, Unreal, it seems you ticked off half the forum. I am impressed with your skills, and I bow down to your superiority (take that sarcastically, please), but did you really have to place a big old road block in front of the optimism of a bunch of people who are just getting started? We’re not all naturals here! :hm: And do you think we don’t already know that it’s tough making big things happen? Perhaps that’s the reason that every other post in the forum is “Having trouble doing such and such” or “New technique to help you do such and such!”.

But I really am happy for you and your tsunami. Keep the superiority cough but ditch the superiority complex.

Pinkster :lmao:

That could not be anymore wrong. In my first lucid dream I was able to fly despite it being a horribly low level lucid dream that lasted only a minute before I awoke. And in my second I was running on the walls matrix style. Lucid dreaming takes nothing more than belief.