My quest for happiness.

What is happiness really. Im starting to give up hope aboute happiness and love… :neutral: Sad but true…animal instinct is all we have i think. Find food and mate…

Well, in my opinion, luck is good or bad chance. Sometime’s it’s on your side, sometimes it isn’t. Luck is fickle. Don’t rely on it but ride the wave when it swells.

I personally don’t believe in love (but I’ll save my opinions for another day). However, you are still more than ‘animal instinct’.

Don’t worry white, you’ll feel better later. Go, dream or something. :peek:

Luck is only your interpretation of a particular situation that somehow seemed to end in your favor by forces that are not under your control. If those situations never happen, thats bad luck :happy:

I don’t believe in luck. If it has to happen, then it happens. That’s all. That word, “luck” sounds like a fate that we’re designated to. That’s why I don’t really believe in luck and I don’t really like that word.

We are the action makers. Every act equals consequences (bad or good).

I still do wish people good luck of course… :content: Hehehe.

ah Luck ofcourse is a strange thing. Some people just happens to be in the right place at the right time, knowing the right things. But what aboute happiness? What is happiness really?

Long-lasting happiness?
Short-lasting happiness?

Which do you have in mind? Last-lasting happiness (joy) is possible, I know. You just have to really find it inside of you to find that joy. It is a deep type of happiness along with trust and love. That’s all I can explain what it is. :content:

Short-lasting happiness is an immediate happiness from a certain thing and it doesn’t last very long. It is a rush, but not satisfying as last-lasting happiness does.

Making senses? :ack: I think I’m killing my brain by thinking too hard (I’m studying Dutch right now at the same time :wink: ).

As a cheerful person, I agree totally with DM7.

How can you not belive in love or happiness? Do you mean that you don’t belive in them for you, or at all??? If not at all then just look around you, open your eyes. There are happy people everywhere! And as for love, it isn’t just sloppy romantic “LUV” crap that has no meaning, real “love” is so much more. I think the word has been used too much in the wrong way, people don’t know the real meaning of it any more

If you mean you don’t belive in love or happiness for yourself, then perhaps you are doing something wrong :eh:

To be honest, at one point I didn’t belive much in love either. But then things changed (I won’t bore you with details) and now I can see what love is.

You can’t say that you don’t belive in them, thats just wrong :tongue: Maybe you’ve been looking for them in the wrong places…

What you give comes back.Thats how usually love,hapiness,smile and luck behave.Its mostly up to our actions but of course theres a factor of coincidence.
Ever noticed that angry people asked how was their day usually would answer that few ppl made them upset,and this girl was rude and that man was irritating.Then ask a happy person same thing.
Hapiness is a state of mind and a thing that can be worked out by not looking for it but by being it.Luck comes to those who are happy not to those who just look for it.

If you’re looking for happiness in some place or in some thing or some one, you will never find it. Happiness is a choice. Once you realize this, you will realize you can be completely happy all the time, regardless of what Life may throw at you. There is no reason not to be happy.

Now read that paragraph again substituting “love” for “happiness” and “in love” for “happy.” :smile:

Yes attitude also play important role here… I have a picture of one tiny drop, creating a huge ripple with text at the bottom saying,

It’s up to you to look in the world in a whole different eyes. It’s like cup 1/2 filled with water…

A person with happiness will notice that it’s 1/2 filled.

A person without happiness will notice that it’s 1/2 empty.

Think about that. :content:

ahh.forgot the most important.Ever read the book “Conversations with God” by Neale Walsch?
Its not any religious kind of book.Its more spirituall and philosophical.I think everyone should read it for his/her own sake.It lets you understand what are emotions,what is YOU,how to just be happy…all kinds of stuff-not taken lightly,its very very wise book.For me its one of most important ones on my shelves.
Highly recommended if u ever feel lost,confused or just sad.It will let you understand you,not by trying to convince you to something but through your own experience:)
take care

I’ve read the Conversations with God book… If you’re looking for answers on why you are feeling the way you are (whether it be angry, joyful, disappointed, etc) you can read the book, then figure out what beliefs are causing those conditions inside yourself. Then you can work to change your beliefs so that those negative conditions won’t appear anymore.

Give it a read. I know it’ll help!

It’s up to you to look in the world in a whole different eyes. It’s like cup 1/2 filled with water…

A person with happiness will notice that it’s 1/2 filled.

A person without happiness will notice that it’s 1/2 empty.

Think about that. :content:

Actually, I think it’s 1/2 empty, but I have a logical reason, it’s not 'cause I’m a pessimist. If I think of a glass of water, I assume that someone is drinking it, so it’s level is going down. So it’s half empty because I assume it was full before and soon someone will finish the glass. :smile:

Did that make sense? No? Oh well.


Umm… yeah it could make sense, but I’m just using it as a symbol to help people to see what I mean with how we see the world in one eye or other.

You know what I’m saying?

I always see it 1/2 filled. :shrug: Hehehe.

We could have a whole arguement about how we see the glass here. (Half empty, dude.) I didn’t use logic to do that, I am a pessimist so I don’t get disappointed easily! (Actually kills of my LDing, so it’s best to think positive about some things)

I used to trudge through life without purpose. Then I found this site. :grin:
Seriously, that’s the only source of “happiness” I have right now. It’s hope for me, isn’t it?


Mmm… that made me wonder. At first when I came here, it was my main source of happiness too, but I found something else… and it’s long-lasting happiness: joy.

Perhaps it is because that this website, ld4all, is open-minded unlikely our social here in the world. In here, we are free to speak freely without being labeled as a freako or strange. So, I understand…

What? :hmmm:

It is really nice to see that all of you are so entusiastic. What i cant understand is what Sage said. How can happiness be a choice?

I think the most of my unhappiness commes from my disease…wich i dont choose to have. It has forced me to change my life quite significant. And i dont choose to have a messy relation with my girlfriend. What i do know is that i give a lot of love and care. But i dont get the same back. It is like talking to a wall…

These things are very complicated… :eh:

It’s more of choosing whether or not you’re going to be happy. It’s not choosing what you have, or what you don’t. I also am coping with a disease, which definitely has changed my life. There are some other things that have been tough for me, but I’ve been trying to stay happy :smile:

I found this story a while ago, and I guess it has something to do with this subject :grin: It’s been in emails and such…