My Ramen experience

Last night, I made some oriental flavored Ramen. when I fell asleep, I had the longest, most vivid Lucid dream I have ever had. This led me to wonder whether or not it was the noodles that did it to me, because I didn’t use a Induction tech. to enter it. tonight I will make some more Ramen, and test my theory out.

I’ll post my results in the morning.

Yes, please let us know what you find out. I have Ramen noodles from time to time, but for lunch. This could be just a strange coincidence, but who knows. :smile:

Well, this topic was moved, so, if anyone was looking for it, or if anyone has any thoughts about it, here it is. :smile:

well, its all in how you take it. our consciousness creates the physical world. if you believe taht the ramen had effect, than it did.

Well, I can see that two different ways. Yes, i fyou believe strongly enough that something will cause you to have a LD, then it will. However, there are stimuli that directly affect the probability of having a LD, such as LSD(?), or certain other drugs. I’m still curious if anyone else has had any experiences with this, no matter how strange it seems.

Interesting but it should be noted that Ramen noodles are a serious health risk along with other foods that contain that much trans fat. Not trying to sound like a health nut but I doubt the connection is worth the clogging arteries.

That’s probably why I started to lucid dream about 3 years ago! (I ate 2 meals of cup of soup for three months straight).

Whenever I have a Ramen Noodle Experience, I wind up in the hospital. I’m severely allergic to MSG (monosodium glutamate) and Ramen noodles are bursting with it, literally. MSG is a fascinating substance that causes food to taste better. Scientists differ on exactly why this is, but it appears that MSG binds to taste receptors in the tongue that send electrical impulses to the brain as flavor. It causes these taste receptors to send more signals than natural. It may bind to the receptors in the brain as well. That’s why so many foods are “Bursting with Flavor.”
Some studies have linked MSG to brain tumors and neurosis. It also seems to cause depression and anxiety in some people. Evidence has lead me to beleive that MSG does have a negative effect on the brain and should be avoided, even if you aren’t allergic. It makes you wonder why America even has a Food and Drug Administration. If Ramen noodles do aid in lucid dreaming, MSG’s effect on neuro transmitters and receptors is probably the reason.

I just ate yummy chicken flavor, I usually don’t eat it right before bed. We’ll see if it does anything.

why has no one posted they´re results, did the big bad cia come to distract you from your goal of posting or did everyone just die from a overdoze of msg?

Something that costs .25 cents can’t be good for you. I did have a long vivid dream yesterday, but nothing else…so far. (maybe a heart attack in so many years)

hey! That’s biased! Ramen is a good source of energy! Carbohydrates yo! And also, it has some fats, and salts. It’s good for you!

Again, not trying to sound like a health freak here but as a nutrition major I cannot support that arguement that it is good for you. Ramen noodles are a very dangerous food to eat consistently. This is because they are high in MSG - causes nervous system damage, Trans Fat - the amount in Ramen increases chances of heart disease 20% if consumed daily, Sodium - associated with higher degrees of heart disease and cancer. Not a good food choice for lucid dreaming or otherwise…hate to break it to you but what did you expect from a quarter?

It’s still cheap, making it the food of choice for many college students on a budget…:wink:

Then again, I don’t think ramen has any positive effects when it comes to LDing, seeing as I’ve already eaten cup ramen (usually the Maru-chan brand) before I go to bed.

im gonna try it also

Well, I don’t think I had any luck with it for lucid dreaming. But it’s not that bad for you… and who buys ramen for 25 cents? if you get it at COSTCO or Food4Less its 7 or 8 cents. Excellent budget food.

I’d say its part of my healthy diet, I probably eat it about once or twice a week.

OMG!! That’s all I have been eating lately and I have feeling depressed irritable. Think it’s the MSG?

I eat ramen with my own seasonings, usually chicken broth.

Small town markup :wink:, there aren’t any decent stores at all.

I thought this was on Ramen cup of soup, those packages are kind of bland, and don’t work as well for me.