My recurring dream of heights and balance

Hello, recently (The past 3 or so months) i have been having the same dream. Obviusly this is great for becoming lucid, but i’m wondering if anyone could shed some light on what it means?

So basicly, the dream will start where i am up really high, on a very narrow and long platform (often made from steal). (’:help:’)

The areas are usually based with kind of industrial things, such as warehouses, but the most recent one was close to a moterway.

At the end of these platforms are ladders, however they never look safe and they don’t usually look like they are intended to be climed down.

I’m often on my own in these dreams, the most recent dream, i was up there with a girl who i used to know, i had a very comforting feeling with her.

The overall feeling of the dream, is fear of falling and fear that i can’t get down.

Any ideas? Anything is welcome, i’d love to hear what people think.

thanks :smile:

i dont know much about interpreting dreams, but i think you should try to tell yourself that you are going to take that unsafe ladder down and it will not break or something like that

if it was my dream … the contrast between the manufactured constructs (steel bars, ladders etc) and the ‘emotional support’ of a female Dc in the last dream would stand out the most.
The fear and the height and being alone would be the cold way that society can function … everyone for themselves. And once you start getting far in career or amassing money there is always the fear of losing it again.
So for me the sudden appearance of the female DC seems to be the mind’s way of combating this fear by showing what is important. :smile: