My Results and Questions (New Member here!)

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Hey dreamers! I decided I’ll start my journey last Sunday. I had 4 lucid dreams already. I’m currently using DILD as a starter and have seen great results! I’ll document my results here and I will also ask my questions here. Cheers!

welcome and congratulations, sounds like you are off to a rather good start.

How have you found the process so far? Is your recall also improving as you have more LDs?

Looking forward to hearing more.

Thanks for the reply!

Everything’s getting better! My dream recall skyrocketed from no dream recall to at least 3 dream scene recall. I’ve been able to stabilize the dream and saw very vivid dreams,bad news is I woke up because I was very excited. I wanted to travel back in time but I guess I need more experience so I’m going with summoning a La Ferrari then driving it and Flying. Right now I don’t have any problem with Lucid dreaming.

good to hear. keep at it, your control will improve the more energy you put into it, try and balance your lding out too, it will increase your skill set even more, ie some dreams go crazy and have fun, at other times try to find new ways to prolong your dreams or increase control or stablise them, it will pay you back 10 fold at later stages.
Have fun

I’m happy to hear of your quick and positive results, well done! I think most people don’t mind if you make a new thread for each specific question but I’ll be checking this thread too if there’s something minor you want to chat about.

It feels like only yesterday that I was in your shoes, new to LDing and LD4All, 14 years old, super enthusiastic and motivated… How the years fly… Things like this that make me realize how long I have been here haha.

Well in any case, as someone new to the site and perhaps LDing in general, I’d like to share one my favorite ways of getting lucid: FILD
[Hargart's Induction Technique Log (HILD))

I’ve personally had a lot of success with it and would like everyone to know and hopefully also use it for reliable and great LDs :happy:

Good luck in all your future LDs! I wish you the best of luck

Hello there,

4 lucid dreams in your first 6 days sounds pretty amazing, something I could only dream of :razz:

I was also around 14 when I started learning about lucid dreaming, but my mind was being stubborn so unfortunately I gave up shortly after. I’ve regained interest since a few months ago and my lucid count is now around 7, but I’m still looking for reliable methods (such as FILD, whenever I don’t keep mindlessly falling asleep :happy: )

I wish you a nice journey!

Thanks for the reply guys!

@Rubiks Cool! So that means I’ll be like you someday? hahaha. I tried FILD last time and it did n’t work. I plan on trying it later because MILD almost gives me lucidity at will. Anyway,I saw FILD at GizEdward’s video the past few days. When I tried it I ended up not falling asleep just like the past few days with me trying MILD. Good news is I learned to not be so desperate on getting lucid and just let go and lucidity came my way.(Oh yeah!) Just like MILD I may get FILD as my own fast.

P.S I got frustrated in days I did n’t get lucid but I guess that’s normal right? :razz:

@ nomat Thanks and to you too!

@TimeLess I got 3 Lucid dreams total of 7 already!

Update: I had 3 LDs
1st was very vague and ended up carrying me away and only lasted a few seconds

2nd was kinda weird because when I got Lucid I’m like fuck this and then I got out the door. You won’t believe what I just saw. I saw lots of chicks standing before me and some guys. They were congratulating me and I even heard someone say “He did it!” People were clapping their hands and I heard someone say (paraphrased) “As a reward!” Then chicks started removing their undies and showing their asses. I did n’t really give much attention to the chicks showing their asses as I started rubbing my hands and doing stabilizing techniques. My mistake was I expected to wake up so it gave me a sleep paralysis and a false awakening after. The False Awakening was vivid so I can’t tell if I’m dreaming. I was n’t able to do a reality check properly because it woke me up before I was about to do my first one.

3rd dream was about me meeting my dead dogs. This’ll be one of the best lucid dream I’ll ever have. I met my dead dog walking around the house. I’m like this will only happen in a dream!No way will this happen. I did n’t do a reality check and rushed into my pal. I hugged her and told her how I missed her. Then I saw my other dead dog and I hugged her and told her how I missed her to. The dream was so cool because when I let go of my other dog(1st one) she was doing what she does when she was alive!

I carried my 2nd dog inside the house. I told her stuffs and as I did her face got more vivid.The moment was the most beautiful experience I ever had. After a while I decided it’s time to go. I let her go and went outside. I did a reality check which was the nose plug because the finger counting was n’t that realiable.

I then jumped and floated and started flying. The flying was horrible because I got terrible control and I kept falling but the view was great! My altitude gradually lowered because of gravity as my expectation. People were talking about me but I’m not sure of what they’re saying. I kept thinking I’ll wake up. Then the dream scene changed making me lose lucidity…

My main problem is getting from Layer 2 lucidity to Layer 4. I believe I can do it I just need more focus. Any tips?

Update folks!

I got lucid in my nap and decided to had sex. I got a BJ which felt fucking amazing and the sex was amazing as well. Ialmost got an orgasm but I did n’t finish because it was just layer 2 damn. Anyway most dreamers wake up the moment it starts. I almost finished it hahaha so I guess I’m pretty good.

I got a 5 lucid dreams in 5 days. It’s kind of scary how much I get lucid without even doing MILD and by just looking at the dream I get lucid.

Would you care to elaborate on your “lucidity layers”? I haven’t heard that concept before and am interested in learning. As for your dreams and stuff, I read over your more recent posts and it sounds great and really fun :razz:, i’m happy for your success! keep it up :smile:

shifting towards higher levels of lucidity takes a lot more practice and a deeper understanding of the dream world, that comes with experince and the more lucids you have and the more you focus on a deeper understanding of what you see, the better results you will have with deeper LD, more over you will find that your ability to have even more lucid dreams will rise and as you are already in having a few good lucids at this stage i am sure that an extra boost would take you to the next level sooner than you might have thought, but a word of caution though. its not for everyone and the deeper levels- once you have them - change your world. you need to be ready for that mentally as well :smile: enjoy the fun of lucid dreams for a time, then look at the next stage, at this point have a lot of fun and use up your creativity the rest will come in time.