my sleeplab experience

Hi folks.

last thursday i went to a sleeplab to have sleep research done to me (i seem to have some kind of sleepdisorder - i sleep very long but still not rested). Anyway it was a very interesting experience and i want to share it with you all :smile:

First they put all kinds of electrodes on me, after they where finished i looked something like this:

I had some on my head, 2 next to my ears, 2 next to my eyes, one on my 3rd eye, 2 behind my chin. Also 2 on my chest for heartbeat monitoring and 2 on each of my lower legs to measure leg tension.

All the electrodes where connected with colorful threads that where put in my ‘remote control device’ (i couldn’t help calling it that) - it was like a big remote control with little holes in it, and in some of them my electrodes where connected.

I felt like a cyborg :grin:

then i went to my bedroom - it was monitored by a camera and an infrared camera. They connected the remotecontrol to the measure thing and put even more measuring stuff on me.

All night I was monitored. In the control room they had all monitors of all bedrooms (there where 4), below each monitor was a computer where the measurements where displayed.

on my left finger a little red ET phone home light that measures the oxygen in my blood, a little very annoying thing on my neck to measure snoring, a band around my chest for respiration measuring and the thing in my nose you see on the picture. Only i didn’t have that thing at my mouth the girl in the pic has.

And then they wish you goodnight and expect you to sleep :eh:

although i was very tired it took me ages to get to sleep. The pressure of the electrodes, that thing stuck up my nose, and the weird environment.

Finally I succeeded to get to sleep.

I didn’t have any LD’s (which would have been cool) but I did have 2 FA’s.

I plugged LD4all to all the ppl who where there :grin: - some of them never had heard from it, others where interested :smile:

the next morning they woke me up at 7:30 . The finger thing was removed, the chest band, the nose thing and the snoring thing.

The rest i had to keep on because that day i had to do more tests.

so i walked around all day all electroded up with the remote control around my neck like a very big pendant on a necklace.

then each two hours i had to come back and take a nap. I couldn’t really get to sleep because when i know i will be waken up after 20 minutes i get stressed like (oh shit i have to sleep now otherwise they will wake me and i didn’t get any sleep!)

after 4 of those nap tests everything was done. They removed the electrodes and i was free to go home :smile:

I felt very groggy and like i had a jetlag. Very weird.

It was a very interesting experience but never again… i was so glad to be able to sleep in my own bed again.

in 5 weeks i will get the results - i’m curious what they will have found.

Nice experience Q! Sounds very intriguing… :smile: Did they warn you about the jetlag feeling afterwards? And would you do it again?
Yeah would be cool if you had a LD. Then you could have done the eye test from Hearne and LaBerge, where you move your dream eyes as if you’re watching a tennis game. Lol those researchers wouldn’t have a clue of what’s happening if they’d see the symmetrical eye signals on the EEG :tongue:

yes i actually told that to the one who plugged me in and would watch me that night :grin: Hhe had never heard of LD’s and was sceptical… i told him about the eye movement in REM thing, that it was scientifically proved but he wasn’t impressed :meh:

“yeah in REM you always move your eyes, that is normal”
i said: yes, but in a LD you can move them consciously left and right…

too bad they didn’t measure my eye movements… Ah well i didn’t have a LD anyways.

He worked at a sleeplab and never heard of LDs?? :eek: Jeez… LaBerge proved their existence already 25 years ago… You’d imagine sleep researchers are the first the acknowledge LDs as curious but genuine dreams… :neutral:

Lol. I hope your disorder gets better :grin:

Would have been cool if they were monitoring you and you suddenly started to show signs of consciousness, but hadn’t actual woken up. They would be baffled. :smile:

exactly my response to him! His response was that he normally didn’t work in the sleeplab but in the neurology department.

Ah well, another lady who assisted with the electrodes had actually heard of it and was interested. I gave her the URL to LD4all and she said she’d check it out :content:

lol i went all smart on them… when they put the oxygen thing on my finger i asked what it was for - and then i asked if they also measured the melatonine level :grin:

also i constantly asked ‘what’s this for, what does that do?’ hehe :smile:

I really wished i had some LD4all stickers on me to put accidentally everywhere :tongue:

I am sure we shall being seeing her in the Dutch forum soon then :content:

That’s disappointing to hear he was sceptical of LDs. :neutral:

A few months ago a friend I know went into a sleep lab. I was at her house one day repairing her computer and was asking all types of questions. She had never heard about LDs, but seemed interested. Of course I mentioned LD4all. :grin: I didn’t learn much from her about the experience, as our concentration was elsewhere at the time.
I’m very interested in hearing your results if you feel comfortable sharing them. :peek:

Goodluck! :smile:

I would be fun to sleep at one of those labs, but I think it might be hard for me to fall asleep while beeing hooked up to all of those things :tongue: Hope you get something meningfull out of the results. 5 weeks :eek: they must be sleeping a lot in the lab :tongue:

I would probably have had asked all those questions too about what all the stuff does :grin:

I seem to remember icedawg had a sleep disorder of some form too…

Explora wouldn’t happen to have a sleeping disorder, would he? :tongue:

Hey, really cool experience. Like you, I am amazed that so few people have heard of LD. I had the opportunity to share with couple of more people in the last few days.

I’ll be waiting for them. Hope I’m not disappointed again.

hey Q, maybe they will let you have yor EEG trace? Especially the section shere you had your false awakening?

hi seeker, good to see you arrived safe and sound at our side of the atlantic :content:

yes, i actually asked them if i could have it before going to sleep :smile: i also asked for the recording of me sleeping :grin: He said he’d see what he could do. (was the guy that plugged me in - the same one that didn’t know about LD).

well if i get the results i will be sure to ask them again :cool: i hope they will have something to show as well, you know, like how they show x-ray pictures and tell you what’s wrong with you? I want to be shown the eeg output with comments :content:


cough The supirior side /cough

That’s fun !
I want to go to a sleep lab !

:lol: I love how that is misspelled!