my soul is going crazy...


catches breath


i need help. fast.

the problem, to be presice, is that it feels like my soul is tearing me in every direction possible. whenever my body is still, my soul is tearing me in some or other direction. its becoming so strong a feeling that i sometimes almost fall over…

and no, i dont even touch alcohol, or anything else of that nature, for that matter.

anyone here know what this could be? i need to find a way to fix it. fast…


and here i am, in fuckin Crete, and i’m barely able to enjoy one single second of this rain-free environment… so much for vacation…

if u need more info, just say so. i’l check in here as often as i can, but internet cafees arent the best choice, now are they…

Kimius that sounds like it isnt a boring experience at all to be you! :cool_laugh:

some people would say your astral body is loose…

are you absent minded and day dreamy? That would trigger it…

at least i would think so.

sometimes i feel things like that but very minor, like part of me is shifting slighty outwards, and yeah it’s disorienting.

trust me, it isnt boring, its literally scary…

and it aint minor either. its a serious problem now, cause i can barely stay sitting up, without major problems.

anyone got a clue as to how to fix this? i need to get this over and done with fast. my parents are starting to get seriously mad/worried about my rather absent minded behavior(as if i didnt have enough of that in the first place…).

:help: :help: :help: :help:

I think I have had the same thing a few times. It feels like you are being dragged in different directions and it can be a very strong feeling. But for me it happens if I have been sleeping too little. Or sometimes if I have been sitting still for a very long time. I like the feeling :content:

it could be an inner ear problem or something…

or possibly worse, you may want to see a doctor but… then again… all this talk of getting one full body cat scan in your entire life fairly highly incrases your risk of cancer (… not particularly good news for me… )
then of course you wouldn’t want him to over medicate you.

ok, i can tell u that it aint no inner ear problem, cause then this would be happening all the time, and never stopping. that aint the case. it happens when ever i sit down, and stay there for more than 20 seconds. some times it wont happen, but mostly it does…

but on the other hand, it might be a good thing, cause in the 3 nights ive been here, ive had at least 2 ld’s, maybe three. not anything major, just short ones, like practice rounds for later.

anyone have a hint on how to get rid of this(assuming i want to get rid of it)?

Sounds interesting. Could you describe it more closely? Is it like a strong psychological urge to move (like a compulsive thought), or does it feel more like a physical thing? Perhaps both?

Perhaps it could be classified as some kind of kinaesthetic hallucination? Had any other kinds of hallucinations lately? If it continues to be a problem you should probably see a doctor.

If I were you I would ask my subconscious in a LD. That could be interesting. Just ask the dream why you are experiencing it.

Perhaps you have some unresolved issues? Or perhaps some part of you is reacting negatively to being in a different environment?

Just throwing out ideas.

Good luck!

Just see doctor man.This can be almost anything and proper person to talk to is a specialist,not us -bunch of insane guessers.Once you are checked and diagnosed and u`re not happy with it…then try us again so you have more info.
I understand you might feel whats actualy is going on with you but still…before asking witches,see docs:)
take care

Kimius, I don’t really understand : do you describe a psychological state or a sort of physical trouble ?
In the second case, indeed, I agree with Jack. Go and see a physician. In the first case, you can wait a little yet.

I felt that when I was desperately in love, or during a big crisis. Are you experiencing a stressing situation ?

it feels like im falling to one side, like when u lose balance, only, im not moving. that is as close as i can describe it.

if i remember to ask, i will do that in my next ld.

OK. That’s not psychological at all, it seems. As Holy Reality says, it could be a inner ear problem ( or worse ). Did you practise diving, in Crete ? You absolutely have to see a doctor anyway.

i havent been diving at all, here. i don’t think it is a inner ear problem, cause know how to correct pressure differences behind my eardrum, if u know what i mean. but if i should see a doctor, i will do that, provided it doesnt go away before i go home(there is no way im going to some witch doctor quack down here…). if it gets worse, then i’l make it a rush job.

but if it aint aninner ear problem, then what could it be?

anyways, if i go to the doctor, then i will make known what caused it, for the benefit of others in need of such info(provided the cause isnt something that would make an ass of me, like extreme lack of sex).

write to me , i have the same problem…

I’ve experienced this aswell when i lay down, its not as bad as yours though. It seems as though your minds totally twisting around in every direction but nothing is physically happening, kinda like your dizzy.

I always thought this was normal.

  • Ahmad

if you spin around really fast for a minute or so, then the dizzyness will be roughly 4-5 times stronger than what im feeling, like right now.

but anyways, last day here. tomorrow i go home, real early. i suspect the flight down here caused it, since that was my first time in a plane, and i have never had this weird feeling before. if it gets worse hen i get home, i will stop going on flights(with the obvious exception of any and all events leading to Japan).

btw, when i get home, i will start hacking variou plants to small pieces. that because i am going to buy a samurai sword. they look so nice…

Kimius, try to astral project. That might help you stabilise (sp?) your soul/astral body, whatever. And if it feels like your soul is shaking out from your body all the time that might not be so hard for you to project.
Just a thought. :content: