My Story of Transporting real objects into a dream

When I was a kid I would always dream about the Wicked Witch from OZ. Being that age it really frightened me, and this seemed like something that happened every nite. Sometimes I wouldn’t even want to go to sleep. I figured something had to be done[please note that I wasn’t even aware of lucid dreaming or similar things]. Before I went to bed one nite I brought my Nerf gun in the bed with me, and thought about it a whole lot. Next thing I know I’m in the middle of the street with the Witch, and I pull out my gun and shoot her! I never had another nightmare about her again! :grin: It was amazing!

The night before last I had I’m guessing a 10 sec lucid dream. I’m not sure if it’s technically a lucid dream though: I dreamed I was sitting in the back of a car, it was dark. And someone was in the driver’s seat. I thought to myself “i want the driver to start shaking” and the driver did! Then of course I woke up right away because I’m not trained.

Now I know about the spinning technique and I’m gonna give that a shot.
I also downloaded this series of pulses in a sound that supposedly makes lucid dreaming easier. I forgot the link, but if anyone is really interested I’ll find where it was.

I’d also like to share one of my dreams last nite, even though it wasn’t really lucid.

My grandfather died about a month ago, and I dreamed that he was right next to me laughing and jumping around. It was the most awesome thing, and my grandmother was next to me crying with joy. It was awesome!

Ah, taking an object into a dream I can belive :happy:.

Some people put their glasses in the pocket before going to sleep.Then if a lucid dream isnt clear enough they put them on.I dont know how good it works but heard about such techniques:)
good luck:)

is a good RC holding my nose where I can’t breath, and trying to breath, and then saying reality check. Should I do this several times throughout a normal day?

That reality check is the only one that has worked for me. Yes you should do it as often as possible throughout the day, cause then youll do it in a dream and bada boom bada bing…your lucid. Great name by the way.