My Subconcious HATES Lucid Dreams, prevents them

So I’ve hit a massive roadblock with my Lucid Dream pursuits. My Subconscious is taking action to prevent or prematurely end them. I’m a natural lucid dreamer, I’ve had lucid dreams multiple times throughout my life, though never on purpose, they’re always DILD. However only twice have I had lucid dreams that my Subconscious did not end. So, here are three dreams that are prime examples of how my Subconscious ends dreams to steals away lucidity. If anyone knows how I can deal with these types of dreams, please let me know.

Method 1: Trapping me in a Nightmare
This dream happened a long time ago, it was actually my first lucid dream. I was eight, didn’t even know anything about lucid dreams at the time. However I did have a trick for getting out of nightmares, a way to wake myself up, kind of a reverse WILD. Since I had so many nightmares when I was a kid, it’s natural I would develop a way to escape them.

So here’s the dream. I was playing with these two kids, twins, in the col-de-sac next to mine. I got bored, and told them I was going to leave. They were highly disappointed, and said they wanted to keep playing with me. I said I was sorry but I had to go, and started walking home. On my way there, I noticed the twins following me. Eventually they overtook me, and I realized I was dreaming because there was no way for them to pass me. I was scared, so I did my reverse WILD technique (felt a bit like bursting upwards through water) and found myself in bed. I got up, got dressed, and was eating breakfast when I saw the twins outside the window. I freaked out, reverse WILDed again, found myself in bed again. This time the twins were at the bottom of the stairs. It didn’t take a genius to figure out where they were going to be next. I ran to my mother’s room, and woke her up. I said “I’m dreaming. I’m unable to wake up on my own, but when I die in dreams, generally I wake up (I had died in many nightmares before). So, I want you to shoot me.” My dream mother listened to this, and produced a pistol and shot me, effectively waking me up.

In this case my subconscious terrified me with these twins, and robbed my ability to escape the dream once I realized that I was dreaming. The reason for this? Well like the twins said, they wanted to keep playing. My subconscious wasn’t done with the dream, somehow I had broken it’s plan when I decided to go home, and it got angry.

Method 2: Giving DCs ‘Lucid Powers’/Attacking Me
The dream I’m using as an example here happened when I was twelve, and was very annoying. By this age, I knew that it was possible to “wake up” in dreams and control them, but I wasn’t familiar with the concept of a lucid dream. So, I forget exactly how it happened but during the course of the dream I became lucid. I said aloud “Sweet, now I can control the dream!” and immediately tried to teleport. Now, normally when I’m lucid, I can do anything I want. I’ve never had issues flying, teleporting, or using machines. However, in this dream, when I tried to teleport, nothing happened. I was confused, but noticed that a DC next to me had become enraged. “How come you ALWAYS get all the fun!” she yelled at me, and let loose a ball of energy. The dream lasted only a few moments after that, with her chasing me and bombarding me with a variety of ‘lucid attacks’. I’m proud of how far I managed to run without getting hit, but in the end she got me and I woke up.

Method 3: Distraction
This is a very recent dream I had, which I refer to as the “diagnostic dream”. In the dream, I was suspended by this elaborate metal machine. The room I was in was a black void, and the only lights came from a dozen or so monitors in front of me. Each monitor had a task for me to do, one was an IM conversation, on was a book I had to read, one was a movie I had to watch, one was a video game I had to play. Basically, it served as a test to see how many things I could focus on at once. So I’m in the dream, passively observing each screen simultaneously, the only thing I know is that it’s imperative I keep doing each task, and that I don’t let my focus fall on to one of the tasks. I realize, with annoyance, that the words in the IM chat keep rearranging themselves. This, of course, causes me to realize that I’m in a dream. For a brief moment, I become fully lucid, and the room starts to dissolve. But then my Subconscious steps in, this time personally talking to me rather than using DCs. He has no form, he’s just a voice and he says “Oh, well done. You’re absolutely correct, you are dreaming! This is a test here, you have to do all these tasks in front of you at one time. But I see you’re having trouble with the words, do you think you can make them stay in place?” To which I respond “Yeah I probably can,” and order the words to stay in place. However, this causes me to lose lucidity. As an added sidenote, every since than I’ve been able to read perfectly in dreams.

So, you can see my predicament. I’m trying to master WILD, so that I can talk to my Subconscious about this, however my subconscious has started making it so that Reality Checks succeed in dreams, leading me to believe I’m awake, so it’s difficult. Anyone have any advice?

Nope, but the first dream was really disturbing to me :razz:.

the subconscious is formed by the conscious and its experiences!

im very familiar with that …
it seams in every LD my SC is trying to distract me from the lucid dream.
sometimes the traps are obvious so i know its a trap and quickly do something to keep my lucidity.
in my first ld there was this kid sitting on a pool and i told him i was dreaming. so he wanted me to change the color of the drink he was holding. it took me a while because it was my first time. but when i did it he wanted me to do it again and again until i lost lucidity.
or in another one there was suddendly a naked women standing there. It was the most beatiful women i’ve ever seen in my whole live. and she wanted me but i know that i would loose my lucidity that way. so i quickly looked the other way and went on with my dream. (at the end i regret that i didnt stay with her though… :neutral: )

also my SC doesnt want me to do my LD-missions so i have a hard time remember them in the LD.

this is funny because these are deficits in the conscious mind and its reasoning, and are only personified on the subconscious in order to blame it so as to polarize the dream world as being created by an adversary

invokes the presence of a dream guru to solve this riddle

wow i have the same exact problem, sucks!