My successful WILD experiences


As I know many people (including me) trying to achieve WILD look for other people’s experiences to see how they are doing themselves and look for possible differences in what generic guides say you should be experiencing to what people actually have experienced.

So far I had two WILDs both differed drastically in relation to each other and to what most guides say.

WILD no.1

This was my first WILD, in fact it may not have been WILD strictly speaking as I will explain.

I spontaneously woke up in middle of night so i decided to give WILD a go. There have been no dots, no geometric shapes coming up, no dream forming as stated in guides. But my mind was running wild thinking about all sort of things before sleep and you know how you eventually start ‘seeing’ what you imagine? So i was looking at some room with some guy in it. Then suddenly everything went black (I may have briefly fallen asleep hence this might not have been WILD strictly speaking), however i felt aware looking at blackness. Then judging by my instincts thirty seconds later I was in the exact room with that guy. Transition was snappy, as if you put film back into projector. I continued with very short but vivid dream and woke up.

WILD number 2

This was my most recent WILD and it definitely had to be it.

I woke up in night. Then tried falling back to sleep. Again no dots or shapes or sounds whatsoever. But my thoughts got stuck on image with two women in house eating dinner. Now I’ve been experimenting with this bit and it’s quite difficult. Everything started becoming more ‘real’ I was getting absorbed by this Image and usually at this point I would somehow automatically jerk out of it back to real life. This time i managed to somehow prevent this from happening by putting ‘conscious effort’ into preventing this reaction. So everything eventually became an actual dream and this bit was weird. I could still feel my real eyelids, while I could freely move about in my dream according to my will. I sort of waited through this bit and smoothly transitioned to very vivid dream, however I woke up quickly as I got excited.

As You can see my WILDS differed to those explained in guides so I wanted to share them and I hope it will help some. If you experienced any WILD Please share your transition into dream world!

Hey Sirhubi! Last night I had to WILD experiences which were also my 2 first lucid dreams. Both of the WILDS were the similar, so I’ll just explain one of them.

I woke up at 4:30 A.M. and thought, this would be a great time to try a WILD! So for ten minutes I just browsed lucid dream stuff until I felt kind of awake. Then I lied down and tried it out. Because I was tired, it happened very fast. There was no tingling, itching, feeling like lead, or any of those things. After about 3 minutes I saw a dream starting. I pictured it getting bigger and bigger and after around 10 more seconds, I was in the dream!

That seems to be fairly similar to what I’ve experienced! It is important to realise that WILD may vary greatly from person to person. When I started off I was hellbent on getting sleep paralysis then HI and so on, when in my case process seems to differ

Sirhubi, that’s awesome!
I am trying for WILD at the moment myself.
How long did it take you to enter the dream roughly?
Did you count? What was your way of keeping your mind focused and aware?
If you can answer any of those, it would really help me.
Thanks! :happy:

WILD experiences seem to be different for everyone.

As for me, I’ve had two or three WILD experiences. Here’s the two I can recall.

The first was on a bus. In highschool I had to take one bus to one school, get off, and get on another bus to go to another school. One morning the bus arrived at school and I awoke got off the bus and walked sleepily over to the next one. I got on, put my earphones in and closed my eyes.

A split second later I was confused in a dream. I heard the music and realized what had just happened. It was great.

The next was in class. I was taking a nap during my Driver’s Ed course (I was in the room and had finished the work; the teacher was out with three other students on a practice drive). I awoke about thirty minutes into the class from my nap, looked around realizing it wasn’t time for lunch yet, and put my head back down to sleep.

Again, instantly I was in a dream. The dream was short, but it was vivid and lucid.

In all of my WILD experiences I didn’t try to WILD… it just sort of happened. The most recent though (a third one I can’t recall when it happened) was also unexpected, but happened while I was experimenting with PPS. It was pretty interesting.

I’ve had a few successful WILD’s, most were using the “chaining” technique (after you wake up from a dream, don’t even move or open your eyes, but let yourself fall back asleep while still in the groggy state of awakening.)

In those cases the dream I just had was still fresh in my mind, and as I fell back into HH, it was very vivid and almost identical to the appearance of the previous dream, at this point it was easy for me to stay conscious as I sort of “slipped” through the barrier between HH and full-on dream. (more on that later)

On another occasion (a true WILD) I simply laid down, not very tired at all, I think it was a mid-day nap. And sort of focused on my breathing, which I intentionally let become shallower to help my brain/body prepare for sleep. Then subtle SP and HH started with a few vibrations and images, which I then pulled myself into once they developed enough.

The most important part for me is the HH; if you’ve ever tried to stay awake while driving a long, tiring distance, staying conscious through HH is a lot like that.

Once that starts there are 3 very important steps to take: (this is from my experience and may not apply to everyone)

1: You first have to let it develop: When it starts it’s rather two dimensional, if you simply observe it, don’t even try to imagine what it is becoming, then it will slowly take more depth and form, if you try to force it, or if you try to “move” in your dream at this point, you’ll simply wake up and have to start all over again.

2: You have to focus on it: don’t do this too early, at first you have to let it do it’s own thing, but once your HH has really started to take form, and you can see a scene coming together, you have to keep it in focus. this isn’t so much a forced thing like staring at one spot or trying to control it, but just be aware of it; like you would be aware of your surroundings while driving, if you don’t do this you’ll just slip into a normal dream with no lucidity.

3: One it starts to “close” around you, and you can really feel yourself slipping into it a bit, the key is to move; it can be hard to find the threshold but for me it reaches a point where the HH closes around me like water… it becomes less like a screen that I’m viewing and more like an environment that I’m in, at that point I just make a few arm motions and sort of “dive” into it, pulling myself through like swimming, and voila! I’m in a vivid WILD.