My time at this forum has come to an end...

[i]Well as sad as it is, i feel that my time has come to an end here at LD4all. It’s been a blast, it’s been fun it’s been dreamy.hint hint

But alas i must leave you all. Farewell my friends, hope to come by soon and catch up.

:wiske: Pleasant dreams, and happy RCs[/i]

Well no i ain’t going anywhere. This is from a dream i had last night where i was saying farewell to you all. If i remember accurately that should be EXACTLY what i wrote on the dream version of ld4all. Kind of strange I guess. But hey weird.

Though as strange as it was i was not writing as me but as Pasquale, hope that is not a bad sign :eh:

When I saw you created that, I said to myself “Noooooo! Dont leave! :sad::razz: Startled me XP

Don’t misinterprete the dream, she’s just going on holiday for a few weeks :wink:

pasquale is on holiday? :eh: that would be even weirder if true.

"I KNOW she’s on holiday! This MUST be proof of telepathy! :cool_laugh: "

"What’s so weird about going on holiday? :eh: "

Ha ha ha ha! That’s way too funny!!! Q will laugh so hard when she sees this. :wink: And to add something…

Somewhere in between:
“I FEEL that she is on holiday, but I wasn’t too sure.” :wow:

I was thinking " oh no just as I was getting to know you a little". :wiske:

For a minute there I thought Insane_Goth had finally taken the hint - but alas, it was just a dream.

Haha, I’m just kidding. :cool_laugh:

Well, Goth, you had me going.
One second I wanted to say goodbye and thank-you,

the next I wanted to strangle your ass. :grrr:

Ah, but it seems like pasQuale is ALWAYS on vacation! :tongue:
(hint hint I don’t think she posts enough)

hey, i had a dream about writing in these forums last night… forget what about though :neutral: ah well, happy dreaming all

Logical Thinker:

“The dream didn’t say anything about a holiday, it talked about leaving forever. Plus, pasQuale has been gone for a week already, so her lack of posting recently probably made Goth subconsciously wonder if she was still here. One thing leads to another, and a dream presents this information from one of the more extreme viewpoints, namely a message explaining her absence.”

Let’s take a look at the memberlist and do a search for top ten posters:

yes it’s true, i confess :cry:

:peek: i’m on holiday… but i peek in now and then… :content:

Scared me for a sec…Whew :lol:

happy holidays! (Er, sounds like a christmas greeting.)
Anways, pasQuale posts 1.41 times a day. Even though she does have a lot of posts. But I don’t feel like arguing. Good night.

And Atheist yet again uncovers the reason of our abnormalities.

Well, Q’s probably one of the more active head honchos I’ve seen. Some forums and communties the head honcho is an enigma who comes out on the full moon only to be bombarded by thousands of questions, most of which are “where have you been?”

Anyway, I think that’s an interesting dream. I find it creepy when my dreams coincide with something that actually happens. Deceptive topic title, I have to say.

“Head honcho”… now THAT’s what I oughtta start calling Q!

I once had a NLD where I offended someone on this forum who was a woman. That was a freaking nightmare, to tell the truth. Did NOT want to be banned. I was questioning why I would have posted something so stupid, when I realized I didn’t remember posting it. However, I didn’t go lucid.