My ways to Lucid Dream - Works really good

Hey guys.

I have been Lucid dreaming since about 2012, well at least at this time I found out that I can control my dream, objects and stuff that happens in the dream.

Lately I have had some problems, and I am looking to escape to a better land in dreams.

However getting back to the story on how to get a guaranteed a lucid dream. No matter what time, whether is day or night.

When I was living in Gran Canaria, everytime I went to the beach for a family time out, I always had a little nap, withouth the sunglasses etc, short 10-15 mins naps. The heat of the sun and the light in my eyes, made me feel a lot of warmth around my body. During that time, my face was sweating a little. BUT I was able to lucid dream everytime. At I have done that with the help of a fireplace. So putting the fireplace on, laying down on the floor not too close but not too far making sure its always safe. And this works well for me also.

However I now I live in the place where there is no Sun nor I do not have a fireplace. So I am thinking what could be next way of recreating those conditions. Warm room and light yellow source of light?

Have a great day


Well, if it worked because of light then I’m thinking there are some devices that you can wear when sleeping. What they do is when you are approaching the REM period it turns on its light. And maybe it worked because of the light so it can work for you. I’m not sure if they’ll work for me so if you use it and get successfull in LDing let me know, I’ll try them too then.

Hope it helps.:wave::raised_back_of_hand::wave:

Welcome @MichealLucid,

I see you are well acquainted with lucid dreaming. If you find it difficult to recreate the same conditions then simply don’t. You’re inhibiting yourself if you believe that this is the only way you can have lucid dreams. Since you probably already have a good feeling of what lucidity is like, you should have an easy time picking up on other ways to induce LDs.

It hurts me to hear that you want to use dreams as a means of escape. I think that this is not a good approach nor is it likely to work well. ‘Escape’ sounds like retreat and thus somewhat negative. I invite you to consider your dreams as a ‘way forward’ instead to help you cope with your situation. It will make your dreams and your waking life more rewarding. Fortunately lucidity is not even required in any case.

I’m of a close philosophy to @Marvin.
From my experience, I’d advise against using lucid dreaming to try and escape WL problems. If you have a problem in WL, it doesn’t go away just because you’re dreaming. As a younger dreamer, I thought I would use my dreams to escape WL stress, only to find it manifest in the form of nightmares. (I didn’t see it that clearly at the time, though.)

Dreams can (and will) speak on your WL concerns, so to look at lucid dreaming as a way to escape those things might be more effort than actually using lucid dreaming as an opportunity to face or examine whatever is giving you challenge in WL, especially if it’s something internal or emotional.

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