My website Updated

For anyone who remembers my website ( Then you will know how simple it was. Well I’m in the process of adding more stuff to it. If you visit it p[lease sign my guest book.

Good job, Technodreamer. Nice and comprehensive. I can’t help but wonder if the embedded game at the bottom would slow down modem users, though. Perhaps it should be on a separate page?

Anyway, keep it up.

Hehe i scored 5800 :grin:
Well nice page anyway. But isn’t a shared dream one where the dreamers would actually able to communicate in the dream? (not just dreaming the same thing).

Nice job!

The LD4all link in the credits section need correcting. :wink:

Nice! Great! I’m sure it’ll be very useful! Thanks! Hehehe my nickname is there. lol :content: You don’t have to put mine there. Hehe.

By the way, that game… I only scored 3575. :crying: That missle that follows me… I don’t do too good with that. I get all panicky. Ha ha ha. I’m good at shooting though. Oh well. :wink: Any tips? Hehehe.

Thanks, I can remove anybody who doesn’t wish to be credited or add anybody’s Email adress (Person[at], to avoid spammers).

Thankyou for the error reports and sugestions.

Good refrence, good work :ok: , this take you long to do?

Cool game , i like it, its hard i just figured it out. I never knew you could move the arrow. I was playing the game from the middle the whole time. :lol: