My website

In my webpage class at school we get to make a webpage on anything we want. I was gonna do it on video games but im gonna do it on LD instead. I’m already 1/3 of the way done! I dont know if we will make them public but if its alright I would like to link to on the links page.

Good luck with your web page. I look forward to seeing it. Back when I was in web page design I made a couple sites and now I wish I could go back and do them on LD instead of just personal crap. It’s a lot of fun, though.

thanks for the support. my page is ok, its gonna be nothing compaired to this site. whats odd is that the school server has blocked… :bored:
but through the powers of google, i found a link to the messageboards which arent blocked. :happy:

Someone with good internet skills here.
:grin: Good luck with the project!
One question… do you get to present your project…?!

That sucks about the school blocking certain sites. I remember being furious that my crummy high school blocked The Onion. It’s much better at a college campus; they don’t meddle so much. Heh, least you found a way around that. Right on.

Well, the 3 other projects I have done in class were 100%s and I was soposed to present them for their supremacy(lol i didnt think they were that special but my teacher did) but we ran out of time. Anyways, we had to run what we are gonna do our page on by the teacher. When I tried to explain lucid dreams to her, she (and the half of the class who caught on to the conversation) just didnt understand what it is. A few friends who are LD attempters tried to help explain but she was clueless. Hopefully my webpage will be pretty explanitory so maybe I could present it. If we get to launch our pages onto a server I will be sure to put the link in my profile.

It helps to have an open-minded teacher. One of the pages on my last personal site was all about OBEs and though she didn’t know what the heck they are (or supposedly are), she was interested and didn’t think me a freak for revealing so much of myself to her and the rest of the class.

Yeah, my teacher was like…“are you on drugs?” lmao. I gave her but i dont think she checked it out :sad:

To get around blocked sites, put the site through a google translater. If that doesn’t work, goto, and where it says tracert, put the web address in. Press go anycopy the last web address.

Creat a new text file (.txt) and put:

Change the extension to html. There, now you’ve unblocked a site.

My friends think the idea of being able to control your dreams is cool. I don’t know wether they took it up though.

sure go ahead :content:

it’s LD4all, not id4all as i have seen you write, maybe that’s why you couldn’t access it?

when it is finished i’d love to see it, you will put a link in here i assume :smile:

I my school they tried to block web pages but they got so many complaints that they stopped blocking. The block was only on one day. Blocking suckz BIG time, because it usually blocks out much more than the unwanted pages.

Did your teacher really say “are you on drugs?”, if so talk about close-minded.

Can I put a link to your webpage in my lucid dreaming directry I am working on, dnLMicky.

I will asign a description, an author, and a category for it. You, however, can give a custom descrption, or author name, that you would like me to use.

lol yeah I noticed i make that typo alot. The tech guys at my school are anal and they have it directly blocked. i google searched LD4all and i found a link to the boards so i post in that class alot. If they decide to block that too, i will have to file a complaint.

sure thing, but I’m only about 1/3 of the way done with it.

The site is called “Dreaming Lucidly” and I found some really cool flash buttons to navagate the site, they really go along with LDing.