My WILD CRAZY dreams

  1. Probably the best one. Came home from school, and fell asleep on the couch. My dream starts and i am in front of my house. I come inside and see myself sleeping on the exact same couch in the same spot. Not completely sure if i was in the same position or not. I freaked out and woke up. Was mind fu*ed for the rest of the day.

  2. This one scared me a little. This was very mental. Can’t tell you where i was at. But i had a gun in my hand. Ended up shooting a guy in his head twice. Felt nothing of it, not sure how to explain this but my whole reasoning for doing it is because he raped children or something like that. Then cops came told me they are doing an investigation and i might be going to jail for life. Then my parents appear and dream is over.

  3. I was in the war and got shot. I felt no pain but i saw myself leaving my body. Flew into the air and appeared in a line waiting for something. I started asking everyone why am i here and why i am waiting in this line. I find out this is the line you wait in after you die. I felt like i was going to heaven or something.

  4. My best friend died when we were in high school. Couple months later i got a dream about him. We were in the bathroom. I was asking how he was and out of no where i i realized i was inside of a dream. I told him to stop fu*king with me and i asked him if this was a dream. He laughed and i woke up.

New dream, me and my friends are standing in a circle. He’s standing with us and i am in shock telling my friends to look hes back and hes here. They were all looking confused and said they don’t see no body. He disappeared and i woke up.

There is times in these 2 last dreams where we talk. But unfortunately even tho my dream recall is really good i do not have a dream journal so i don’t completely remember everything.

I thought you always left the dream when you died. Huh.

By the way, the first one is called an OOBE, If you didn’t know already. Just making sure.

OOBEs are pretty weird… I heard of one where someone touched the sleeping body and the body launched out of sleep screaming.

I am still confused about it though. How is it possible that i fall asleep on a couch and in my dream i come into the SAME room, find MYSELF sleeping in the SAME SPOT, Wearing the SAME clothes. That just freaks me out. Its like i was living a 2nd life or something…

Yeah, exactly. That’s an OOBE for you. Weird and freaky.

I actually saw a movie (came out in 2010?) which offered a paranormal explanation of OOBEs. I think it was called Insidious. It creeped me out when I learned that OOBEs really happen, haha.

Our mind is one crazy thing. Sometimes i feel like our life is nothing but a dream. Downloading the movie right now :smile: