Myoclonic Jerks Inducement To LD's

Sorry if I put this in the wrong place,but i found something.

I am recently working a technique called JILD-Jerks Induced Lucid Dreaming.The process by whoch you induce myoclonic jerks to induce LD’s,if you do not know what myoclonic jerks are,they are those feelings where when you are about to sleep,your mind is still awake a hit and you feel falling feelings.I am using this to induce LD’s and when my experiment is finished,I eill create the tutorial.

For now i found something rather interesting,when i was inducing a myoclonic jerk,i tried talking,but i could not.It was weird,like i could get barely mothing but a whisper,i was trying to say ‘Take Me To A Lucid Dream’.But i could not say it,instead,i literally heard it in my brain ,i could not say it,but i heard my brain say it,in some crying voice,this is rather intruiging and am going to continue experimenting.Does anyone know this,that you could probably not talk in Jerks?I will carry on experimenting,until then,TheAstralDreamer out!


So I carried on today,and I could not yet try it to induce LDs.But iw as focusing on my third eye and saw something white,well got to try again.

This sounds quite like WILD to me. How is this different?

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No ,this is different
Myoclonic jerks are when you experience falling feelings and within those,you get a LD.I made a tutorial,you can check it out.Myoclonic jerks are different from WILD.You get them when you are about to fall asleep but are still conscious so you feel something that the body produces.

But the cool thing is that you can use them to get LD’s!it is a new method made by me,and am still experimenting on it.O got 3 LDs so far fro myoclonic jerks.Search myoclonic jerks to see what they are,they are not a variation of WILD.Basically,it can be used as WBTB+MJ or just MJ