Hello everyone. This attempt 486 of saying hello. server crashes. or wont let me log in, or whatever. At any rate my name is bladerunnerss. SS is for Starscream from transformers. bladerunner is always taken so I had to tack on some intials.

Im am 20+, male and from the east cost.
I have met a few of you from the shat room while this forum was down. I have been training for lucid dreaming for about two weeks now. I have been doing a real bad job of it. So far the only thing I have done is kept a dream journal. However the dream journal is good and I have excellent dream recall. The dreams I do remember I can even be lazy if i want to and wait till the end of the day to write them down and still get a good amount of detail.

Ive had all but less than five ld’s and they have been low and poor quality ld’s. However I did fly around in two of them. very exciting and there is nothing better you can do in waking life really. No i dont want my waking life to revolve around sleeping.

I was thinking of coming up with a basic training program. things to do on a daily basis to get to where i want to be. You seasoned vets can give me constructive critisism, you who are not naturals like me.

I listenend to the Bruce mp3 interview. Very motivating. I couldnt even imaigine ld’ing at thigh quality on a consistent level let alone going obe to an infinite amount of astro planes? did i get that right? some of the interview was just crazy.
What is the name of his book? easy to understand? would barnes and noble have it?

Maybe ill post some of my dreams in the proper section of this forum some time soon. I would like to share more with you and hear from you as well as time goes on. Take care.

We look forward to readning some of your dreams^_~
Good luck

Tell me, what is this “shat room” :wink: Would shat be the correct term for sht in the past tense? Or is it shted? Shat sounds much funnier to me :smile:

Welcome! I hope the dreams get more vivid for you soon! Something that helped me when I was very young and just started LD’ing was repeating over to myself in the dream that “My body is laying in bed in the real world”. It helps vocally tell the subconcious to ignore doubt.