Nap paralysis

So I was in class today, and I began to nod off (I haven’t gotten enough sleep lately). I laid my head down and fell asleep for a few minutes. I realised I should probably get up and pay attention, but I suddenly felt the same feeling that I get when I go lucid once I’m already in a dream. I promoted the feeling and suprisingly, it went more vivid than I’ve ever felt the feeling go before. I became completely immobile. I thought, sweet paralysis, awesome, and then realised it felt like I couldn’t breathe, so I freaked up and manage to wake myself up. Next time I’ll know that I can breathe and it’s just tricking me, but what should I do after I am immobilized to get lucid?

Well. In class its probably a good idea to BE AWAKE.
But I’ve had two LD’s from SP, which are both in my dream journal.
I always rock on my axis, my dream body moving inside my physical body until I’m free. Then I go off and dream.

Well, it almost happened again. This time in math, and unfortunately my body managed to catch itself before I could make myself go into paralysis. Do you think that it works better in unconfortable places to sleep? I never get this in my bed.

Just out of curiosity, in what position do you usually sleep? I’ve read that one is more likely to experience SP when one sleeps on one’s back.

I always sleep on my back, but when I sleep on the desk I rest my head in my arms and it’s not too confortable, but usually I’m so tired I sleep anyway.

Oddly enough, this has happened to me too. It was in theater/drama class, and we were watching the most boring video ever. I began to fall asleep, and had my eyes closed for a few minutes, then I woke up and realized I was stuck in my chair! took a few seconds of trying for me to be able to move myself. I got some funny stares from the class :wink: