There is a program on tonight about Narcolepsy (an illness where people suddenly fall asleep at any time), at 9pm on BBC2 (a British TV channel). This program particularly focuses on the idea of a new drug for people suffering from narcolepsy, and how in the future it could possibly be used for people who want to stay awake longer than normal, like people who work in the emergency services for example, or even just people who want to party non-stop for several days.

I’m wondering what other people think about this topic, or even if there are indeed any people on this website who have narcolepsy, and what it is like for them.

Additionally, I was also thinking about this: Do narcolepsy sufferers dream in the same way that other people do? What type of sleep is it that somebody goes into if they suddenly fall asleep like that? Is it a sudden deep sleep, or is it REM sleep? And most importantly, can narcolepsy sufferers have lucid dreams?


Since I first posted here about six months ago, my ‘skill’ at perfecting the art of LDing has been most enjoyable. Sadly, it’s coming to an end.

What started out as nice LDs has become a nightmare. These days (ie. nights) I have extreme buzzing in the head that feels like my head is about to explode. This goes on for about 20 loops of quiet/noisy. Then loud bangs and flashes in my mind. SP, FA, RLS, halucinations, voices, music and LDing that steps from awake - REM - Deep Sleep and all the way back within the space of minutes and all mixed together. Then, during the day time I have awful tiredness having spent an entire night wrestling with the above.

I’ve been to see my doctor who is reluctant to diagnose anything in particular (ie. narcolepsy) and has put me on a sedative to help promote faster deeper sleep. Not a solution to my mind, but I know that I have to change my nights and fear that the LDing was just the beginning of the lead up to ‘poor sleep’.

Not that I’m saying there’s anything wrong with Lucid Dreaming, just that in my case I have been able to LD because my sleep rythm between awake/deep/REM was being mixed up (for some reason or another).

Anyway, I hope I can resolve the ‘bad things’ about my sleep and get back to the wonderful world of LD (without the nuclear explosions!!!)