I used to watch naruto shippuden, and the manga always used to pop up, and I’d be like “Who reads stupid manga”. Now I wish I could read in Japanese so I don’t have to have stuff lost in translation, for the manga that is…Basically one day I absorbed 410 Naruto manga through 470 in about 3 hours. Needless to say I dreamed a very odd episode of naruto that night. The thing I like about Naruto is the whole I’m never going to give you up attitude, and the fact that their science on chakras isn’t too far off, I wonder where they are getting their info from. Its a lot more complex than what they deem it as, and don’t get me wrong, a lot of their stuff is plain FICTION, just the every so often thing that is makes you say, wow, they are really close. Also I understand it from a more “scientific” basis, even though the science isn’t from Earth…but a long story short, Naruto is the only anime I watch. At times it can get a little silly, but it reduces the tension of the storyline I think. But yah for all you Naruto fans out their, don’t watch the show, its just a bunch of fillers. Read the Manga, it actually makes you use your brain a little :smile:. Namaste

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Big naruto fan too. :shy: Nice to hear about it here. Too bad in romania there aren’t many mangas.

Yeah I’m a fan of naruto, too. I thought about learning all techniques from Neji in my ld :happy: (He’s my favourite character and I think his Gentle fist is very close to rl)
I started to watch the first naruto episodes again (I watched 1-200 in about 1 week xD) and now I wanna learn them even more :razz:

I started watching Naruto back in 2002, when it took ages to download one episode because of my slow internet. I really enjoyed Naruto for the first 80-100 episodes or so, but then IMO things started going a bit downhill. They started focusing a bit too much on all these different bloodlines and everything just became a little too DBZ-ish for me.

The strategic element that they focused on in the first 50-60 episodes made way for simply “my kung fu is stronger than yours.”

Now, I did watch the entirety of Naruto part one (minus the fillers, which I skipped like the plague) and I still enjoyed it. With Shippuuden… Ugh. The pace was just too slow. By that time I’d started reading the manga and it was just a lot of staring. Everything felt so dragged out. Two guys fighting. 1 minute of action, 2 minutes of staring, 2 minutes of action, 5 minutes of staring.

From what I’ve written so far it probably sounds like I hated Naruto, but in fact I really enjoyed it. These days I only read the manga. Every so often, usually around 3-4 times a year I read all of the manga that’s available in one evening and then I let it go for another few months. I enjoy the manga a lot more than I did the anime, but on the whole Naruto is a little too formulaic, shallow and predictable for me to really enjoy the way I did when I was younger.

Naruto is one of the few Anime’s that have a huge amount of episodes, and is still on going (the others are One Piece and Bleach). I am really fond of this one, and I had a watching spree to catch up on everything. Yes, there are a lot of fillers. But I like those too. They provide background information about the characters, and get a lot of valuable information of their culture. They make me laugh most of the time as well. This is not a: [spoiler]Get Sasuke back to the village[/spoiler], anymore. If you create humor, the bad things hit you even harder. Yes the battles can take long, and even I get some flashbacks to DBZ, but those fights have to be that long! Because they are really intense, and finally tell every detail that you were waiting for all the time. You would have been dissapointed otherwise, and you know it.

Yes, they are quite overpowered at this point, but it still looks realistic because we met the characters at the point where they trained hard to make a fire bolt or a wind shuriken.
They have a huge world, and I like the idea of chakra’s and focus. It makes it realistic, because I believe in chakra and your own energy in some way too :smile:.

I have to admid, I saw the Anime first before reading the Manga. BUT, when I read the manga, it’s like I am just watching the Anime again. In my opinion, they are very loyal to the Manga.


I also love Naruto very much. The intense fights, the wide variety of techniques or shall I say Jutsu’s and the storyline in general. When I master LD I must try the planetary devastation by uchiha madara(chibaku tensei).
What you’re saying that manga is better than the video is so far from the truth. When you watch the anime its gripping, you feel the full force of the technique. Manga you just read and see it in flat 2D. You should also try bleach and Deathnote.