Nasa tv Helps induce LD’s Take my word for it !Not a joke

I’ll have to try watching it sometime. How exactly does it cause LDs? Do you watch it before going to bed or do you fall asleep while watching it? And what kind of programming do they have on NASA TV? I am interested in how this works.

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for me it helps becuase on video file ( one of their programs ) most of the time when they should some construction of something there are long period of silence and then out of nowhere u hear some whirring. that kinda wakes me up to the point where im not so much asleep and pretty much awake and just hope that the whirring starts in ur dream but its ok to fall asleep throught the whirring. the point is for there to be a period of silence and whirring. well it worked for me . find out if it works for u

That sounds useful. Video file seems to be on quite often, so I’ll see if I can get a chance to fall asleep watching it soon.

to increase the chances use one method of induction that i got from just type in lucid dreaming. U have to watch tv as long as you can and then mentally imagine you walking up the stairs and then in your dream u should realize that the tv is showing weird images like random images that doesnt connect to what you are hearing and boom LD

ahh didnt work for me last night… maybe it was a coincidence

I’m always going to sleep when ISS Mission Coverage is on. Maybe I should go to bed earlier/later.