Natural Diaster Dreams

My dreams don’t so often feature natural disasters as frequently as those intended by man. A few months ago it was nothing but dream after dream of my city being wiped out in a nuclear blast. Usually there would be quite a lengthy story leading up to it, but in the end it was generally just me standing alone while the wave of destruction passed over, obliterating everything.

I blame the media.

I used to have a lot of natural disaster dream where my high school would either be caught in a snow storm or there would be lava covering the back (or front depending on who you ask) yard of it. Once I had an End of the World dream in that building too. Maybe it was symbolic for my grades which were basically a natural disaster.

Thats funny :lol: , i never fell into that far of thoughts while i’m dreaming, but it should look cool, like T2 :happy: .

About 2 hours ago i had some weird Tornado dream. I didnt see it coming or anything, but i was just walking around trees, hills, and sand. I notice the sand was blowing upwards into my face, its not the greatest feeling have course sand flying in your face. Then after i notice the sand floating upwards, i notice i couldnt walk normal, because the wind was pushing me from all directions. At that point, i was scared shitless :help: , so i just dropped to the floor, and stood still. Once i hit the floor, i notice the sand was going up in patches, and i saw twirls of wind just gathering and getting stronger. At that point, i was really scared, then i jumped up instantly and try running as far as a i could. so Once I started to run straight, the wind just pushed me back, so i was like running no-where, and after that i just quit and i felt the tornado literally pick me up and twirl me around i new was a had no chance, then i just fell into another dream :eek: Weird experience, but its always fun to share. I havent had anything like this in a long time; i used to have tornado dreams alot. :happy: Well back to Ld4all,happy dreaming :cool:

I can recall at least two dreams about earth getting hit and destroyed by another planet. In the first one i was in huge a spaceship escaping earth. I can’t remember if it had weightlessness or not, only that i met alot of people i know. Too bad it was not an LD - I would like to experience weightlessness in an LD!

(Any ideas about how to get in a space ship/rocket/shuttle when you’re having an LD?)

The second dream ended when i was at home on the balcony looking up through the ceiling. As i watched i saw the other planet comming closer extremely fast and i saw that it was a copy of earth. That part frightened me. Like there had been a copy of earth out there all the time just waiting to destroy it’s sister planet. The copy of earth turned red as it came closer, i think it’s South America was coming first. Then the scene changed to a view in space where i could see earth getting hit by the planet. And i never thought that i could be dreaming :smile: