Natural Diaster Dreams

This subject comes up sometimes during the chat room, and i think its time to make a thread about it. Tornados or any type or nautral diaster dreams, and what i thought was funny, was how the Torndaos (in my case) always tend to chase me you matter what part i am in my dreamscape. Now i love these type of dreams, b/c its brings some type of adrealine feeling of excitment and fear all in one, most times i dont know that im dreaming either, but i always fall into the gasps of running and trying to break free away.

Anbody have any idea what i mean :shrug:

do tell if you have anything related (dreams,etc…) :wink:

You just wanna know if we’ve had dream about tornados? If that’s what you’re asking, I’ve had lots and lots of them. I’ve got a fear of tornados and I don’t dream about them very much anymore, I used to dream about them frequently. I’ve had probably over 25 dreams about tornados in the last 3 years. Not that much, I know, but I had them so frequently.

I don’t like them because I don’t know it’s a dream! I’m just so scared and I can’t escape them, although in all of my tornado dreams, none of them have caught up with me. I’ve never been in a tornado in my dream.

Yep thats the Idea…Tordando dreams :content:

I had been caught a couple times from the Tornado in my dream, I remember spinging alot and falling into another dream, or another case i was picked up and thrown into different things like being Ricochet from trees to buildings :eek:

Anyone have any dreams of erthquakes or fires?(of course Tornados :happy: )

Just recently i had this wicked dream… it kinda of happened fast. I was walking out towards the beach, i saw a big whole View of sand and the ocean, and people just doing natural things around the beach. I looked up at the sky and i noticed that it was all black and getting dark. The sky looked like a wicked storm was coming, and i notice the ocean was getting violent and crazy. It was getting darker and darker, and the waves were the size of buildings(like 30- 75 feet high) and it was just taking people away. I got scared and started to run from the beach, and i felt like i was running so fast, that i was actually running on top of the water, and then a big tidal wave just crushed me, i rememeber water crushing over my head and seeing water all around me, then instantly I just woke up… It was pretty cool, suprised me for sure :cool_laugh:

One of the most freakiest and scariest natural disaster dreams I have had was where I was standing outside at dusk and I look up into the darkening sky and hundreds of fiery comets were hurtling towards the earth all around me. Scorching the grass, burning huge craters into the ground and setting fire to houses. Damaging everything around…I was cowering behind a lamp post with my eyes staring in awe, watching the meteor shower destroy the world.
Man, it was awesome!


I once had a hurricane in my dreams(I live in a desert).I walked to a hill near my house and tried to fly in the storm.I started to feel hail beating down on my face before I woke up.I really wish that I would of flown in the air.

This dream isnt really a natural diaster dream, but i had no idea where to post it. The reason why im posting this dream,b/c it scared the crap out of me just like a natural diaster(like the tornado). It started with me walking on the grass along a lake and i was just minding my own business and just walking around. Then i saw a pack of wolves running towards me barking, so in my mind I was thinking if they attack me or tried to,i’ll just jump into the water. Ofcourse they attacked me, actually just one did and i jumped into the water and swam far away. So I figured i was ok or safe, then the wolf jumped in the water and started to swim after me :eek: . I tried grabbing something out of my pocket to prevent the wolf biting me, and then he took a big chunk from my skin, once he did that, i saw the other wolves jumping in the water, i knew i was done. Then all of sudden i entered my waking Life. :bored:
Reality Faliure, thats is the coolest natural diaster dream, i could ever think of, i never experinced anything as wild as that.

Whoa, that’s wicked!

I had a dream a LONG TIME ago that scared me so badly, but I just love it and wish to experience it again when I’m lucid. :smile:

There are 2 mountains at each end. I have to walk a long path before I reach other mountain. There are THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of torandos heading toward me. I freak out and begin to run. I end up being sucked into one of the torandos and am thrown out in the air. I wake up before I hit the ground! Geez!

There were more details in there, but I will spare you the details. :grin:

Hmm, I think I never dreamed about natural disaster.Perhaps this is since here in germany there aren´t any?
The only thing that can happen to you when you live here is a little flood, but I didn´t ever see that either, since I don´t live near a river


Same for me. I can’t recall ever dreaming about natural disaster. I think there are two reasons; first I haven’t experienced a real nature disaster. And second, I have a pretty stable life, there is no big event messing up with my life. If you see. :smile:

As far as I can remember, I dreamed only once about a natural disaster: in a non-LD I was being chased by a huge tornado. It seemed to follow me wherever I went. The moment it was going to catch me I woke up…
In real life, I’ve never experienced tornados. Perhaps I saw some disaster movie the night before :content:

Thats funny, b/c i never expericed a Tornado myself, but when I dream them, it seems so real and vivid. I have Hurricanes and tornados in my State but no life trauma events …yet. I have no idea how my mind manifests the idea or the setting when i witness these dreams , maybe movies influences it like mystic mentioned. Well looking forward to more Diaster dreams, keep me posted. :grin:

I seem to always have dreams with tidal waves in them. Sometimes I am able to hold onto something and hold my breath until they flow past. Sometimes I ride them. They are always very thrilling to see rising up from the sea. I wouldn’t classify these dreams as nightmares though.

I think its because I have gone swimming in some pretty big waves and I know the power they have. When you get caught in the cycle of crushing wave followed by the strong underpull as is slides back into the sea it can be a little scary. You really have very little power over it.

Yeah the undertow is a strong force and a great ablum. Those dreams usual scare the sh*t out of me, just because i had bad experinces in life with BIG WAves.

yes i have a lot of Tornado and Storm dreams and i must say i love them all, more so the scary ones because it seems so real that i fear for my life (sometime movies can’t do) so i really enjoy them.

thunderstorms are the worst for me they are so loud and powerful and at the same time beautiful and amazing. where as the Tornadoes are just like the ones u see on TV.

I once had a dream that i was watching a tornado level a town called Jarrel.

Its weird, ive never actually seen a tornado irl(maybe in the paper or tv)
, but i seem to always have those type of dreams. Just lately i had a combination of Tornados and tidal waves, just imagine how i felt :cool_laugh:. Scary Sh*t!

Recently i had recall, once i woke up, very odd . The point though is this dream that i remembered. It was just last night, me and my friends were climbing a tree, and my friend screams and points towards this plane in the air that was about to crash on houses in the neighborhood. This was some scary shit, it was like a 747 plane about as high as 4 story building. The weird part was, it circled us a couple of times and then it had a emergency landing. It wasnt much of a diaster, but it still scared the shit out of me. :confused:

When I was little, i remember being on a beach and people were playing and such… I was calmly standing and watching as a tidal wave approached. (it was enourmous, a giant wall of water for as far as i could see and as high as a large skyscraper, even bigger. I felt it was pointless to run so I just let it come and engulf me. It recurred several times but not anymore.


Well I haven’t had any natural disasters but I have had dreams about man made disasters. I got to wander around Bombed Baghdad(that place got tore up) and see all the destruction. In a LD I saw the space shuttle columbia crashing to earth while in texas

I havent had any dreams with natural diasters lately, but the natural diaster has been waking me up though for the last couple of nights.

Well, im sure you all know tht Florida is the lighting state, and recently the weather has been like shit, like tropical depressions and such. The point though, a blast of lighting has woken me up the last 3 times that i could remember.This has been the loudest noice, you can wake up to. I thought i was gonna blow up or something, i wake up falling out of my bed, thinking that i shit myself :panic: . Its intense…o-well Back to lding :sleeping: